Cogo is an app gathering all shared scooters, bikes, cars and moped as long as they are human or electric powered, making it easy and seamless to move around cities the green way.


Skipit is redefining travel and allowing everyone to travel like a local.


Laplandar builds the most powerful e-cargo bikes for businesses at the lowest price. We build exclusively in the EU.


DECON is a new hand disinfector based on ozonized water. Unlike alcohol disinfection it is effective against viruses and doesn’t cause skin problems.

Our mission is to help improve hand hygiene and prevent the hand-to-hand spreading of infections with a new ground-breaking ozone-based hand disinfector. In the current situation, with the CORONA pandemic, it is essential to find new solutions for hand disinfection and answers to the well documented problems of alcohol disinfection, ineffectiveness against viruses and skin problems.



We develop simple solutions to the challenges our users meet every day.

Saanize seeks to create an easier everyday for people by developing simple solutions to simple problems. We strive to create honest and simple products with sustainability in mind.


PentaLock is the most secure and convenient locking solution for bikes.

To stop bicycle theft, by stopping thieves from using and selling the bike. If they can’t do that, why steal it in the first place?