Prepravto focuses on smart urban transport of goods reloading half-empty trucks along their regular city shipping routes to avoid empty runs.

Cargio industries s.r.o

Cargio provides a flexible subsription service for cargobikes that takes care of everything except pedalling.


Design and production of automotive robots for last mile delivery to decrease the cost of the delivery. 


Document the world in HD. Most durable, precise and practical 360º camera for urban mapping & surveying

eParkomat (City Smart Parking s.r.o.)

Since 2016 we are changing data of mobile operators into real value by using AI. We help people to park by using our unique algorithms, cities to make right decision in urban development and mobility areas and retailers understand their customers.


Mileus guarantees a comfortable evening commute by a seamless interoperability between public transport and ride-hailing and taxi services. Our B2B2C API technology enables a deep, automated integration between the two modes. This solution reduces congestion and pollution in cities, increases comfort for commuters and improves vehicle utilization for ride-hailing and taxi operators.
Making urban transportation more sustainable, with fewer cars, and our cities more livable.

Form8 -startup-EIT-UM


Roads and railways are the backbone of our civilization. Yet the infrastructure is prone to degradation in time which brings burden on public budgets, results in loss of lives. Imagine you could monitor in realtime the status of the infrastructure and plan the repairs according to the real needs. Imagine saving money on broken trams or cars, imagine safer and smoother transportation. We ensure just that, with our hardware on your existing fleets, with short deployment time, at affordable price.