Carry Larry

We offer a highly functional and great looking compact electric vehicle for the elderly. The vehicle is based on our “CarryLarry” vehicle platform and can be seen as a combination of an EBike and medical training device that enables elderly to retain their mobility while staying healthy.


Dreamwaves developed the technology and an app for accurate audio augmented reality (AR) navigation to solve this problem. With the app, there is no need to look at the map or interpret instructions. People can go anywhere simply by listening and following sounds. Dreamwaves uses spatial audio and advanced augmented reality technology to create the best audio navigation experience.

GLEAM Technologies GmbH

Electric Cargo bikes for urban deliveries: We developed a Multi Use Bike with a Dynamic Tilting Technology that keeps your cargo protected and balanced on all types of terrain, while you can easily customize your loading area, to fit your goods, packages, children, or dogs.