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Competence Hub

Up-skilling and re-skilling professionals for tomorrow’s urban mobility challenges

The Competence Hub provides cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary, cross-organisational learning experiences for professionals, executives, city-officials, and more broadly anyone working in the field of urban mobility.  It leverages the expertise, needs, and diversity of EIT Urban Mobility’s unique network of 85+ European companies, research institutions, universities, and cities, to highlight key topics and build innovative and impactful training solutions. 

If you are a professional developing and implementing public policy, or if you are in the private sector, providing mobility solutions and services in Europe, EIT Urban Mobility’s Competence Hub will allow you to access Online Trainings for Professionals and Face to Face/Blended Trainings for Organisations and Communities. 

Online Training for Professionals

Urban Mobility WebTV Channel

The Urban Mobility WebTV Channel provides short and easy-to-follow videos that showcase cutting-edge practices in urban mobility in Europe. It has been designed to highlight thought-provoking perspectives and key competencies needed for the successful delivery of urban mobility solutions.  

With the WebTV, everyone can quickly discover and learn the leading urban mobility concepts and critical challenges in the field, based on 10 central themes: Active Mobility, Sustainable City Logistics, Intermodality, Creating Public Realm, Mobility Infrastructure & Superstructure, Future Mobility, Mobility for All, Mobility and Energy, Pollution Reduction & Health and Others.  

Urban Mobility Small Free Online Courses (SFOCs)

The Competence Hub is offering accredited online training programmes on Urban Mobility. 

The Urban Mobility Small Free Online Courses (SFOCs) are targeting the most interesting and critical urban mobility topics. These small online training modules are designed to be completed in a few days or weeks. 

Each course will present compelling and thorough overview of the main underlying concepts, the most important topics of debate, as well as testimonials from renowned academics and practitioners. 

The topics of our SFOCs will include active mobility, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, sustainable parking, sustainable urban mobility plans, superblocks, and innovation management in transport. 

Our first SFOCs will be available in December 2020, so if you to stay up to date with news, please fill out the form below or send us an email to competencehub@eiturbanmobility.eu

Urban Mobility Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Apart from the SFOCs, the Competence Hub is also proposing as online training programs a variety of Urban Mobility Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). 

Completed in a few weeks or months, MOOCs are providing a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of key urban mobility challenges. Each MOOC is the fruit of extensive research and collaboration from high-calibre scholars as well as experienced practitioners working in both the public and private sectors. The successful completion of the course may also be certified. 

Our first MOOCs will be available in December 2020, so if you wish to be informed when they get released, please fill out the form below or send us an email to competencehub@eiturbanmobility.eu

The Competence Hub provides cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary, cross-organisational learning experiences for professionals, executives, city officials, and more broadly, for all actors working in urban mobility. 

Face to Face/Blended Training for Organisations and Communities

Custom-Made Courses for Organisations

If you work for an organisation (company, city, transport authority, etc.) and wish to train your colleagues, clients, or specific members within your community, EIT Urban Mobility’s Competence Hub can build innovative learning solutions, adapted to your specific needs. 

The Competence Hub is developing a set of face-to-face (and blended) courses using the latest contents in collaboration with renowned practitioners and academics partners. 

These courses will be announced soon but if you would like to stay informedplease fill out the form below or send us an email to competencehub@eiturbanmobility.eu

Multi-Partner Training Initiatives for Communities

Thanks to our 85+ partner network, we are also excited to be providing numerous projects led by some of our partners: 

Multistage Design Thinking Project Support by UnternehmerTum 

This project is about creating more sustainable and customer-centred urban mobility solutions by training public servants and other urban mobility professionals in design thinking and agile methods and tools. User-centricity and agility of problemsolving are increased through online content-creation, conduction of workshops, as well as train-the-trainer and in-depth project-specific coaching activities. Read More 

Innovation Leadership Program by the DTU

The Technical University of Denmark’s Innovation Leadership programme aims to accelerate the pace of execution and magnifies the impact of innovation efforts from EIT Urban Mobility’s funded researchers and PhD students. It focuses on project leadership skills development by enhancing the understanding of business and market-based innovations, and by sharpening the ability to engage with relevant stakeholders/VCs. It also provides first-hand exposure to the challenges and issues that cities face. Read More 

Citython by Carnet

The Citython by Carnet is an evolution of the Hackathon and Datathon concepts, where multidisciplinary teams of students and professionals from different backgrounds and expertise (e.g. architects, urban planners, data scientists, computer programmers, etc.), compete against each other to provide the most attractive, functional, exploitable and innovative solutions that tackle the urban mobility challenges of the various cities, like Barcelona, Amsterdam and Lublin. Read More 

Innovation Bootcamp Certificate Program by UnternehmerTum 

This programme is willing to increase the potential and sustainability of innovation projects. Seven teams participate in a Bootcamp to learn and apply top-notch start-up business development methodologies. After the Bootcamp, each project-team is coached and individually analysed to make sure they reach their full business potential. Read More 

InnovaCity 2.0 with UnternehmerTum 

InnovaCity 2.0 brings together employees of start-ups, municipalities, and corporations to jointly work on the development of novel urban mobility solutions. This real-world learning experience exposes participants to pressing real-life urban mobility challenges and teaches them to tackle problems from a user-centric or a design-thinking-based perspective. Actionable solutions are developed by interdisciplinary teams during the workshop. Read More 

Governance of transformation to sustainable urban mobility with KTH 

This blended course led by KTH Royal Institute of Technology handles how city-officials must work with data, collaboration platforms and how they should manage structural change. In each city, the challenges to implement and transform urban mobility systems have many similarities. They are jointly analysed in this project to push participants to operate and lead the digital transformation of their respective cities. This course will be published soon on Futurelearn. 

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