Urban Mobility Consultancy

Who we are

EIT Urban Mobility's Urban Mobility Consultancy supports organizations, businesses, and start-ups looking to develop or transition to sustainable urban mobility practices.


With specialized knowledge and expertise from a diverse network of talents, we offer student consultants in urban mobility to established businesses and organizations in the mobility landscape, as well as to new non-mobility businesses entering the mobility ecosystem. By helping our clients pioneer sustainable mobility transitions, we contribute to the creation of more livable urban spaces.


We provide industrial training and exposure to students and recent graduates in the early stages of their professional development. Our consultants work with external clients, our network of partners, and portfolio start-ups, and can also join the ranks of one of our clients or partners through our recruitment service.

Areas in focus

Scoping an assignment

We will match specific competences to your needs and work with the best-suited student consultant(s) to set the scope, duration, and schedule of the project. While we help you staff your tasks, you remain responsible for delivering the specific outcomes. Our goal is to support you with the necessary competencies and talent without adding complexity or any unnecessary costs. If you would like more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact us at consultancy@eiturbanmobility.eu.

Student consultants

Ahmad Aiash (PhD Candidate)

Transportation and data analyst

Barcelona, Spain

Ahmad is a transportation and data analyst and holds a Master's degree in civil engineering – transportation. His expertise in data treatment and analysis has allowed him to identify transportation issues and risk factors and promote road safety. He has a keen eye for details and is always looking for ways to improve transportation through data-driven insights.

Areas of Expertise: Mobility infrastructure, Active mobility, Mobility for all

PhD Research: Urban Mobility Safety in Barcelona: An evaluation of risk factors and techniques to achieve Vision Zero

Masters: Civil Engineering – Transportation from Kuwait University

Hannah Hook (PhD)

Human geographer

Ghent, Belgium

Hannah is a human geographer with a background in research regarding travel behaviour, active travel, travel satisfaction, and well-being. She continues research on these topics, while expanding her interests to include themes such as gender and mobility, placemaking and ‘streets for people’, and mobility justice. Her work strives to find the subjective value of mobility through holistic approaches to travel behaviour research.

Areas of Expertise: Travel behaviour, active travel, mobility and well-being, positive utility of travel

PhD Research: The Happy Traveler: Connecting undirected trips to travel satisfaction, positive utility, and subjective well-being.

Masters: Sustainable Cities from King’s College London; GIS Technology from University of Arizona

Filippo Tassinari (PhD)

Applied microeconomist

Barcelona, Spain

Filippo is an applied microeconomist, with a strong quantitative background and a proven ability and interest in spatial analysis and public policy evaluation. He has a proven ability in defining research projects, handling big dataset, and communicate results and policy recommendations. More information can be found on his personal website: https://sites.google.com/view/filippotassinari

Areas of Expertise: Mobility infrastructure, Future mobility, Pollution reduction

PhD Research: Essays on Urban Economics

Masters: Economics and Economic Policy from University of Bologna

Francisco Macedo (PhD Candidate)

Spatial planning specialist
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Francisco is a consultant with 5 years of experience in urban design, master planning, policy design, and the utilization of geospatial technologies and models to support infrastructure investments and policy decisions. Francisco has delivered advice to governments (mostly municipalities and provinces) in Brazil and in the Netherlands in the form of Master Plans, technical drawings, data insights, workshops and dashboards.

Areas of Expertise: Shared (micro)mobility; Geospatial Data Analytics; Urban Design; Transport Planning

PhD Research: Causal Effects of the Built Environment on Active Travel and Physical Activity

Masters: Spatial Planning from Radboud University, Nijmegen; Transport Engineering from Universidade Federal do Ceará ,Brazil

Gabriel Ogunkunbi (PhD Candidate)

Sustainable urban transport specialist
Budapest, Hungary

Gabriel is a result-driven professional with a master's degree in civil engineering, focusing on sustainable urban transport. With varied experience in transport projects and emerging expertise in project management, he is keen on projects dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of transport, exploring alternative transport energy sources, and reallocating public space.

Areas of Expertise: Pollution reduction, Creating public realm, Mobility and energy

PhD Research: Criteria for effective urban vehicle access regulations.

Masters: Civil Engineering – Transportation Engineering and Highway Materials from University of Ilorin

Mahsa Movaghar (PhD Candidate)

Transport and geoinformation technology specialist
Delft, The Netherlands

Mahsa is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Transport and Planning at the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG) at TU Delft. Mahsa obtained her M.Sc. in Transport and Geoinformation Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Collaborating with SWECO, AI and Automation group, her research focused on applying Machine Learning and data analysis techniques to predict ridership in public transport. ​Mahsa has a keen interest in converting data-based insights into automated, robust, and sustainable decisions for transportation planning and infrastructure. Now her research focuses on developing eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) approaches to evaluate the impacts of road disruptions on traffic and environment.​

Areas of Expertise: Mobility infrastructure, Future Mobility, Transportation Data Analysis, Pollution Reduction​

PhD Research: Explainable Artificial Intelligent approaches to evaluate the effects of road disruptions on traffic and environment by incorporating multi-source datasets.​

Masters: Transport and Geoinformation Technology from KTH Stockholm; Railway Tracks Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran​

Iaroslav Kriuchkov (PhD Candidate)

Data analyst
Helsinki, Finland

Iaroslav is a data analyst, conducting his research at the intersection of management science, computer science and traffic modelling. His background comes from the business analytics side, and he strives to make insights from data. His current research work examines changes in traffic behaviour related to introduction of driver assistance systems and future introduction of autonomous vehicles Level 3 and further. ​

Areas of expertise: Future mobility, Mobility infrastructure, Mobility and energy​

PhD Research: Exploring the Variability of Road Capacity and its Impact on Traffic Congestion​

Masters: International Management from CEMS (WU Wien/GSOM SPbU)​

Sana Iqbal (PhD)

Transport geography specialist
Munich, Germany

Sana Iqbal is a research professional who has a PhD in Transport Geography. Her PhD research was focused on understanding the features of sustainable transport planning and operation faced by disentangling the impacts of urban poverty and transport inequities, including those related to the accessibility for women, people with disabilities, and other disadvantaged groups. There was a particular focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and civic engagement work across the sectors related to climate resilience, gender equality, circular economy and community engagement for social and environmental projects. She is specially interested in unpacking the socio-economic and environmental impact of changes in policy-making related to sustainable transport. Her research has been published widely in renowned journals including the Journal of Transport Geography. ​

Areas of Expertise: Future mobility, Mobility for all, Creating public realm​

PhD Research: Gender and social inclusion; public transport and active modes of transport; passenger wellbeing and transport justice/poverty​

Masters: Architecture from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi.​

Iman Baratvakili (PhD Candidate)

Resilient urban mobility researcher
Karlsruhe, Germany

Iman is an Urban Planner focusing on Resilient smart mobility in his Ph.D. thesis at KIT in Germany. Based on the citizens' Happiness study in his master period, he found security an essential factor and mobility a critical platform. He always seeks solutions to secure future mobility, especially for emerging cyber-attacks, through real-time responses and citizens' awareness. Besides, he has seven years of experience in Marketing consultancy and real estate. He also teaches at universities and provides online courses about urban mobility, urban resiliency, and built heritage.

Areas of Expertise: Future mobility, Mobility infrastructure, Sustainable city logistics

PhD Research: Exploring the Impact of Cyber-attacks on Smart Mobility in Smart Cities

Masters: Urban Design, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran

Lakshya Pandit (PhD)

Urban mobility researcher
Darmstadt, Germany

Lakshya is an urban mobility researcher, focusing on multimodal accessibility. Previously, he has been associated with projects involving traffic calming, audits, urban health studies, master planning, slum upgradation, barrier-free accessibility and more. Having worked with different firms, city and government authorities, he continues to search for opportunities to grow through an eclectic way of learning.​

Areas of Expertise: Urban Mobility, Accessibility, Spatial Analysis​

PhD Research: Measuring Multimodal Accessibility through Urban Spatial Configurations: Case studies of three cities in the Rhein-Main Agglomeration.​

Masters: Infrastructure Systems Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee​

Isabel Cunha (PhD Candidate)

Urban Planner
Porto, Portugal.

Isabel Cunha is an architect and urban planner with several years of professional and research experience on active mobility, GIS-based planning support tools, and mixed-method assessments. As a PhD candidate in Spatial Planning, Isabel is currently investigating how transport planners address equity issues in Bicycle Master Plans, measuring the effects of cycling infrastructure provision on the accessibility levels of distinct socioeconomic groups. Driven by the commitment to developing zero-carbon and fair transportation systems, her research aims to create an evidence base to promote a shift towards equitable planning practices, targeting planners, politicians, researchers, and practitioners engaged in sustainable mobility.

Areas of Expertise: Active Mobility, Mobility for all, Creating public realm

PhD Research: Bicycle Accessibility Planning Towards an Equitable Approach

Masters: Spatial Planning and Urban Project from University of Porto

Mauricio Orozco Fontalvo (PhD Candidate)

Civil engineer
Lisbon, Portugal

Mauricio is a civil engineer with a master’s in transportation from the Universidad del Norte in Colombia and is currently a Ph.D. researcher in Transportation Systems at Lisbon University. Before his Ph.D studies., he was an assistant professor at the Nueva Granada Military University in Bogota and at Universidad de La Costa in Barranquilla, where he conducted several studies on travel behaviour, sustainable transportation, crime in public transport, micromobility and road safety. He has also worked in urban transport consultancy projects in Colombia and Mexico.​

Areas of Expertise: Mobility for all, Active Mobility, Intermodality​

PhD Research: Mobility as a Service governance and user's acceptance.​

Masters: Civil Engineering from Universidad del Norte, Colombia​

Misa Bakajic (PhD Candidate)

Information and service management specilist
Helsinki, Finland

Misa’s background includes working within academia, industry, and startups. His current PhD research is at the intersection of sustainable supply chains and innovation management in both city and enterprise contexts. He is adept at working within multidisciplinary teams to tackle complex problems and deliver results. In addition, he has knowledge and experience developing business models for innovative products and services.

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable city logistics, Pollution reduction, Mobility Infrastructure

PhD Research: Supply chains as mechanisms for sustainable value creation

Masters: MSc in Information and Service Management from Aalto University

Modupe Osunkoya (PhD Candidate)

Urban spatial analyst
Tallinn, Estonia

Modupe is an Urban spatial analyst with vast experience in planning, designing, and executing mobility solutions to improve urban transportation, urban planning, and urbanism. She is adept at planning for sustainable urban mobility and measuring vital urban areas, especially for cities in the digital transition and for the overall mobility experience for city residents.

Areas of Expertise: Active mobility, Creating public realm, Mobility Infrastructure

PhD Research: Smart Urban Futures: (Re)discovering urban vitality measurement for cities in the digital transition.

Masters: Urbanism and Strategic Planning from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium; Transportation Science from Hasselt University Belgium.

Mohd Aiman Khan (PhD Candidate)

Electrical engineer
Stockholm, Sweden

Mohd Aiman is an electrical engineer with a Master's degree in Energy for Smart Cities from KU Leuven and KTH Sweden. He has several papers published on the topic of optimization of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and has won multiple awards for his start-up project, E-Connect, which focuses on autonomous charging solutions. Aiman is passionate about working in emerging technologies such as autonomous public transportation, electric vehicles, charging infrastructure deployment and operation.

Areas of Expertise: Future Mobility, Mobility and Energy, Mobility Infrastructure

PhD Research: Modelling of autonomous public transportation

Masters: Energy for Smart Cities from KU Leuven, and KTH, Stockholm

Nishad Malik (MSc)

Consultancy coordinator
Sustainable mobility transition specialist
Barcelona, Spain

Nishad is in charge of overseeing the Urban Mobility Consultancy as the Consultancy & Talent Pool coordinator at EIT Urban Mobility. He obtained a dual master's degree from KTH in Stockholm and UPC in Barcelona through EIT Urban Mobility's Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions program, which has equipped him with technical expertise, as well as training and practical experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, he participated in EITUM’s in-house entrepreneurship training program. Prior to earning his master's degrees, Nishad worked in Project Management for nearly five years in the Oil & Gas and Real Estate industries in Saudi Arabia and India.

Area of Expertise: Innovation, Project Management

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Masters: Transport, Mobility & Innovation from KTH, Sweden; Urban Mobility from UPC, Barcelona

Siyu Li (PhD Candidate)

Transport engineer
Barcelona, Spain

Siyu is a PhD researcher with both Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in transportation engineering, focusing on transportation planning, management and policies. He has rich professional experiences in transportation and mobility consulting. He wants to help cities achieve people-centred mobility systems with novel concepts and technologies, making mobility sustainable and enjoyable.

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable urban logistics, Intermodality, Future mobility

PhD Research: Urban Freight Distribution Management and Pricing with Tradable Mobility Credit

Masters: Transportation Engineering from Tongji University

Tjark Gall (PhD Candidate)

Urban systems researcher
Paris, France

Tjark is an urban systems researcher working on mobility futures. He has extensive international experience in urban development, climate action, and urban analytics for decision- and policy-making. He currently works on designing system transitions via future scenarios of urban mobility. Tjark is always available to discuss systemic impact analysis of urban solutions and the integration of future uncertainties and trends in simulation and design processes of urban systems.

Areas of Expertise: Mobility infrastructure, Creating public realm, Future mobility

PhD Research: Uncertainty in urban system design: A scenario-based method applied to mobility in Paris and Cairo

Masters: Urban Management and Development from IHS Erasmus University, Rotterdam; Architecture focussing on Urban Design from Technical University of Brunswick

Zaher Akkad (PhD Candidate)

Logistics and supply chains engineer
Budapest, Hungary

Zaher is an enthusiastic young researcher in the areas of logistics and supply chains in developed industry 4.0 environments to reach optimized sustainable results. While he has an impressive research record, he also has deep practice in the real life to identify and analyse the causes root to crystallize meaningful outcomes. His research and professional experiences make him a perfect fit and an added value to any project.

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable city logistics, Pollution reduction, Future mobility

PhD Research: Optimization of supply chain and logistics systems in Industry 4.0 Environment

Masters: Mechanical Engineering from University of Miskolc

Ya'ara Tsairi (PhD Candidate)

Sustainable transportation specialist 
Tel Aviv, Israel

Ya'ara is a PhD candidate in Urban Planning at the Technion. She has been active in the field of sustainable transportation and environment advocacy for more than six years now. She gained her experience by working for a leading local non-profit public transportation consumer alliance and as a parliamentary advisor to a coalition parliament member and the head of the Environment, Climate and Health parliament subcommittee.

Areas of Expertise: Active Mobility, Intermodally, Pollution reduction

PhD Research: Socially desired role of employer policy toward employee transport

Master: Environmental Studies from Tel Aviv University (summa cum laude)

Yunfei Zhang (PhD Candidate)

Traffic analyst
Munich, Germany

Yunfei is a traffic analyst with a Master's degree in transportation systems, focusing on traffic data analysis. Possessing rich experiences in traffic modelling and simulation, he is always enthusiastic about quantifying the impacts of traffic, especially for emerging technologies and modes such as autonomous driving, electric vehicles and Mobility-on-Demand services.

Areas of Expertise: Future Mobility, Mobility and energy, Intermodality

PhD Research: Automated Vehicle as a Sensor: Traffic State Estimation in the Operation of Mobility on Demand Services

Masters: Transportation Systems from Technical University of Munich

Enrique Jiménez Meroño (PhD Candidate)

Mobility system specialist
Barcelona, Spain

Enrique has a Civil Engineering background, and towards the end of his degree he specialized in transportation and mobility systems. He is an expert in analytical modelling, optimization, and transport simulation, having worked with both commercial planning software or self-developed tools. During his PhD he has participated in several consulting and development projects, in which he applied that knowledge for the development of innovative transportation modes, in particular car-sharing systems.​

Areas of Expertise: Future mobility, Intermodality, Mobility infrastructure​

PhD Research: Design, management, and simulation of vehicle-sharing systems​

Masters: Civil Engineering from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona​

Luis Leal Pinho De Morais (PhD Candidate)

Mechanical engineer
Porto, Portugal​

Luis has a diverse background being a PhD candidate of Urban Planning and Management Engineering and having a Master’s degree on Mechanical engineering. During his PhD he analysed mobility data and EV registrations to estimate charging demand and assessed the sufficiency of a charging network both in terms of capacity and placement. He is passionate about electric mobility, infrastructure and sustainable transport systems.​

Areas of Expertise: Mobility and energy, Pollution reduction, Mobility infrastructure​

PhD Research: Urban planning of electric mobility in Milan​

Masters: Mechanical Engineering from Politècnico di Milano​

Maria Savall​ (PhD Candidate)

Aerospace engineer
Barcelona, Spain

Maria is an aerospace engineer and has a Master's degree in Industrial Organisation. She has experience as a continuous improvement consultant and works on different mobility projects for Barcelona City Council. Holding a challenge in her hands and creating a conducive group environment is a rewarding day for her.​

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable urban logistics, Freight distribution, Pollution reduction​

PhD Research: Development of a sustainable urban freight distribution model for the city of Barcelona​

Masters: Aerospace Engineering and Industrial Organisation from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona​

Sana Iqbal (PhD)

Transport geography specialist
Munich, Germany

Sana Iqbal is a research professional who has a PhD in Transport Geography. Her PhD research was focused on understanding the features of sustainable transport planning and operation faced by disentangling the impacts of urban poverty and transport inequities, including those related to the accessibility for women, people with disabilities, and other disadvantaged groups. There was a particular focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and civic engagement work across the sectors related to climate resilience, gender equality, circular economy and community engagement for social and environmental projects. She is specially interested in unpacking the socio-economic and environmental impact of changes in policy-making related to sustainable transport. Her research has been published widely in renowned journals including the Journal of Transport Geography. ​

Areas of Expertise: Future mobility, Mobility for all, Creating public realm​

PhD Research: Gender and social inclusion; public transport and active modes of transport; passenger wellbeing and transport justice/poverty​

Masters: Architecture from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi.​

Thomas Rochow (PhD Candidate)

Public and urban policy specialist
Barcelona, Spain

Thomas is a researcher in the Urban Studies department at the University of Glasgow. His PhD research is focused on exploring young people’s employment and housing transitions during a period of heightened insecurity, economic recessions, and intensified active labour market policies. ​His has interest in the lived experiences of social policies and in local mobility projects which seek to develop a safer, more sustainable, and equitable urban environment. Also he has experience in engaging with local residents to understand and disseminate the qualitative longitudinal impacts of increasing walkability and cyclability within urban neighbourhoods. ​

Areas of Expertise: Mobility  for all, Creating public realm, Future mobility​

PhD Research: Young People and Welfare Conditionality Over Time.​

Masters: Public and Urban Policy from University of Glasgow​

Yu Liu (PhD Candidate)

Urban planner
Copenhagen, Denmark

Yu is an urban planner, and he is interested in integrated urban planning, especially how built environment can generate liveability, public realm, and simultaneously improve human health and wellbeing. Yu sees cycling and walking as the future of mobility, and he is passionate about promoting active mobility for the benefits of active living and a resilient urban environment. Now, Yu's PhD project is intersected within urban green space management and active mobility planning – nudging everyday walking and cycling trips to urban green spaces in response to physical inactivity challenge. The project will support rethinking of public spaces for active mobility trips and foster behaviour change. ​

Areas of Expertise: Active mobility, Creating public realm, Mobility for all ​

PhD Research: From able to invited, promotion of active mobility with urban green spaces​

Masters: Landscape architecture and planning from University of Copenhagen, Denmark​

Gabriel Dell’Orto (PhD Candidate)

Ground vehicles specialist
Delft, The Netherlands) and Milan, Italy

Gabriele obtained the MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. His expertise is focused on Ground Vehicles. He started his PhD in 2020 focusing on vehicles for micro-mobility. He studied the tyre mechanics of such vehicles, by means of a testing machine specifically designed for bicycle tyres, now certified ISO 9001. He is currently investigating bicycle dynamics, and the effect of tyres characteristics on bicycle stability. Of course, in free time he is also a really passionate cyclist!​

Areas of Expertise: Future mobility, Micromobility vehicles​

PhD Research: Bicycle dynamics, bicycle-type tyre testing, tyre and bicycle models.​

Masters: Ground Vehicles (Mechanical Engineering degree) from Politecnico di Milano​

Seshadri Naik (PhD Candidate)

Transportation engineer
Barcelona, Spain

Seshadri Naik is a transportation professional specializing in connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) traffic. He holds a master's degree in Transportation Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Warangal, India. Seshadri has a wide range of experience, from road safety to autonomous navigation testbed planning and construction. His experience includes working with academia. and industry partners. In his PhD, he works on the CAV platoon, modelling at a microscopic level and exploring the management strategies to improve the overall traffic flow and efficiency in the presence of CAVs.​

Areas of Expertise: Future Mobility, Mobility Infrastructure, Active Mobility​

PhD Research: Platooning of Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Microscopic modelling and management strategies.​

Masters: Transportation Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India.​

Marwa Ben Ali (PhD)

Electric mobility researcher
Sfax, Tunisia

Marwa is a doctor of electrical engineering with a background in research regarding electric mobility, optimization, management, and analysis. She is passionate about sustainable systems, sources, and innovations that could accelerate the transition process. Now her research focuses on project and risk management, perspectives of the decarbonization project, and the necessity to accelerate the transition to more sustainable urban mobility solutions to create a cleaner and more reliable environment for worldwide citizens.

Area of Expertise: Future mobility, Mobility and energy, and Mobility for all.

PhD Research: Electric mobility, optimization, management, and analysis in Tunisia.

Masters: Electrical Engineering from National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia.

Avital Angel (PhD Candidate)

Landscape architect
Haifa, Israel

Avital is a Landscape Architect, urban planner and PhD candidate at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, who specializes in walkability studies using big data technologies. She nurtures a keen interest in designing healthier, walkable urban environments and in implementing knowledge from research in practice. With experience in environmental planning, neighbourhood planning, landscape infrastructure and urban design in the public sector, Avital is investigating tempo-spatial dynamics of walking behaviour in the urban environment. More specifically, she is interested in the relationship between walking and attributes of the built environment at street-level, using big data technologies. Her research fields of interest also include urban /regional structure and the environment, active mobility, creating public realm, health promoting environments and smart cities.

Areas of Expertise: Walkability, pedestrian movement monitoring using big data technologies, tempo-spatial dynamics of walking behaviour, Bluetooth sensor technology, Mobile app data.

PhD Research: Street-level walkability and its influencing factors – A big data based research.

Masters: Urban and Regional Planning from Technion, Israel

Ravid Luria (PhD Candidate)

Urban and regional planner
Jerusalem, Israel

Ravid is doing his PhD research that deals with the factors of the digital mobility divide and its effect on accessibility and socio-spatial integration at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. His academic work involves both quantitative and qualitative methods in the fields of urban planning, mobility, geography and sociology.
Over the past seven years, he has been working as an urban planner in the municipality of Jerusalem. And recently he has been managing a team responsible for all plans in the quarters which he is in charge of, and that includes initiating plans or regulating plans, instructing planners, reviewing plans and writing decision drafts for plans for the local planning committee.

Areas of Expertise: Urban planning and the spatial and sociological aspects of mobility

PhD Research: Urban management instruments and strategies in facing Urban Heat Islands

Masters: Urban and regional planning focusing on active transportation from Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Sandra Karina Meza Parra (PhD Candidate)

Urban management and valuation specialist
Barcelona, Spain

Sandra is an Architect with Master’s Degree in Urban Management and Valuation at Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Wide experience in proposing urban and rural strategies to improve the accessibility to educational services in Peru, as well as leading interdisciplinary work teams. Interested in the dynamics happening in the city and how these design the environment. Currently doing research about Urban Heat Islands, Cool Islands and Climate Shelters.

Areas of Expertise: Urban planning, urban and territorial management

PhD Research: Urban management instruments and strategies in facing Urban Heat Islands

Masters: Urban Management and Valuation from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona

Shadi Haj Yahia (PhD Candidate)

Transportation, mapping, and geo-information engineer
Haifa, Israel

Shadi is a transportation, mapping, and geo-information engineer with a Master's degree in Transportation and Highways Engineering from the Technion. He is currently pursuing a PhD with a focus on utilizing emerging technologies, developing machine learning and data analysis methodologies for choice analysis, and understanding travel behaviour. Shadi is passionate about improving transportation infrastructure and mobility by applying innovative technologies to transportation systems.

Areas of Expertise: Transportation Data Analysis, Future mobility, Intermodality, Sustainable city logistics

PhD Research: Integration of machine learning methods in travel demand models

Masters: Civil Engineering – Transportation and Highways Engineering (Cum Laude) from Technion, Israel

Anteneh Afework (PhD Candidate)

Sustainable mobility and safety specialist
Budapest, Hungary

Anteneh is a data-driven sustainable mobility and transport safety professional, with a master’s degree in civil engineering – specialized in transportation engineering. His endeavors are yielding substantial advances in scientific comprehension in the areas of sustainable urban mobility and transport safety. With over a decade of experience spanning academia and industry, he has successfully carried out several projects in various cities across three continents, enhancing their safety and livability. Anteneh is committed to accomplishing impactful research projects from ideation and design to implementation, reporting, and policy recommendations.

Areas of Expertise: Active mobility, Intermodality, Mobility for all, Mobility infrastructure, Safe mobility.

PhD Research: Modelling Road Safety in a Heterogeneous System as a Pillar of Sustainable Urban Mobility.

Masters: Transportation Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, MBA from Addis Ababa University.

Miklós Radics (PhD Candidate)

Transportation engineer
Seville, Spain

Miklós has an academic background in transportation engineering and urban planning. He is a doctoral student focusing on the potential adaptability and implications of the x-minute city concept. Miklós is an enthusiastic advocate of active mobility and liveable urban spaces. He has worked various years within these domains in the non-governmental, private, public, and academic sectors. His main interests and strengths lay in strategic planning and policy making. As a researcher he uses various tools for (spatial) data analysis and visualization, lately he is specialized in accessibility analysis.

Areas of Expertise: Active Mobility, Mobility infrastructure, Pollution reduction

PhD Research: The Adaptability and Potentials of the 15-minute City Concept In Spain

Masters: Transportation Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Urban Studies from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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