Summer School

Summer School

When studying with the EIT Urban Mobility Master School, the students also participate in a two-week Summer School between the first and the second year of the programmes. Our Summer Schools are a two-week intensive course taking place in two different cities in Europe. Students travel by train and switch to a new city halfway through the course.

So far, our students could choose between two different Summer Schools focused on different topics. Both are built around a full agenda of lectures, visits, business case projects, and thematic social events.

Take a glimpse on how it looked like!

Future Green Mobility
Rennes, France & Milan, Italy

Remaking the Streets
Munich, Germany & Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Summer Schools 2024

In 2024, EIT Urban Mobility offered two Summer Schools. Students and external participants can see the information below:

1. Inclusive Mobility Summer School – in Ghent (Belgium) and Rennes (France), between 23 June and 6 July.
More info: Inclusive Mobility Summer School – EIT Urban Mobility

2. Remaking the Street Summer School – in Munich (Germany) and Rotterdam (Netherlands), between 21 July and 3 August.
More info: Remaking the Street Summer School – EIT Urban Mobility

External participants can also attend:

3. Resilient Cities – in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia), between 8 and 19 July.
More info: The Resilient Cities Summer School – EIT Urban Mobility