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Graduates 2023 Testimonials

EIT Urban Mobility Master School's second cohort of students successfully graduated in October 2023. Meet 10 of these Graduates from all around the world and dive into their personal narratives as they share their unique experiences with the programme. Gain insights as they highlight the best aspects of the programme and what sets it apart from other educational offerings. They also reflect on their initial expectations at the beginning of the programme, recount the first steps of their professional journeys, and even reveal how they secured their internships and jobs. A tale of diversity, willpower and exploration.

Ivo de Geus & Pawan Seshadri Venkathesh, Graduates 2023 and Co-founders of the Urban Vind startup

Ivo and Pawan graduated from the EIT Urban Mobility Summer School in October 2023. They share the inspiring story of their serendipitous connection during the Summer School and reflect on how the EIT Urban Mobility master’s programme equipped them to develop the innovative concept behind their startup, Urban Vind. A tale of collaboration, learning and entrepreneurial success!

Axel Rimbaud, Graduate 2023 and Founder of MEL, a road safety NGO

Axel Rimbaud graduated from the EIT Urban Mobility Master School in October 2023. Before joining the programme in 2021, Axel already had an engineering degree and had worked for several years in the UK, Australia, and Chile. When he became the indirect victim of a road car crash, he decided to dedicate his energy and time to making the roads safer. He created MEL – a road safety NGO – and enrolled in the SUMT programme at the EIT Urban Mobility Master School. In this video, he shares how he leveraged the programme's resources to elevate road safety and broaden the conversation on security in urban mobility. A tale of resilience, purpose, and impactful change!

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