EIT Urban Mobility Competence Hub

Up-skilling and re-skilling professionals for tomorrow’s urban mobility challenges  

The Academy Competence Hub helps professionals develop their skills and improve their knowledge in all areas related to urban mobility. We leverage EIT Urban Mobility’s unique and growing network of prestigious experts (250+ top European companies, research institutions, consultancies, universities, and cities) to build relevant, trustworthy, and impact-oriented courses, methodologies, and learning communities.

We cover urban mobility through more than 10 different angles, through a technical/technology focus (mobility data/digitalisation, future mobility, infrastructure, etc.), a socio-cultural focus (mobility for all, multimodality, public policy, etc.), and an environmental focus (liveable cities, active mobility, pollution reduction, etc.).

Our different professional learning initiatives are presented below. Each modality serves a specific purpose.

Discover the latest trends on urban mobility

Urban Mobility Explained is a YouTube channel hosting a series of short and easy-to-follow videos that showcase cutting-edge practices, inspiring projects, and innovative concepts in urban mobility throughout Europe. It has been designed to highlight thought-provoking perspectives and key competencies needed for the successful delivery of urban mobility solutions and to close the urban mobility knowledge gap.

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  • If you are interested in a specific topic or want to better understand the big picture.

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Understand urban mobility at your own pace

Designed by urban mobility professionals for urban mobility professionals, our e-courses cover a wide selection of innovative mobility topics, from new technologies to more social and environmental best practice. We provide online learning courses to better understand current mobility trends as well as mobility challenges faced by local authorities, the mobility industry, and cities.

Our e-courses are therefore ideal for professionals willing to reskill or upskill, to occupy a new position within or outside their organisation. They are practical and easy to follow, showcasing success stories (and failures) and focusing on concrete solutions to your professional challenges.

You can take our courses for free, from any place, at any time, at your own pace. They usually take between 1 and 15 hours to complete.

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Overcome mobility challenges together with experts and peers

Applied learning

Our applied learning programmes are designed to enable professionals and organisations to overcome their mobility challenges through active collaboration. We bring together participants and experts from different horizons (backgrounds, sectors, mobility areas, cities, etc.) working on a common mobility issue. We provide them necessary tools and frameworks to do so and then we let our participants and experts get to work!

We believe that open innovation and the breaking of silos is the easiest way to overcome the mobility challenges we face as individuals, organisations and societies. Challenge-based learning, peer-to-peer learning, practical workshops, and active methodologies are at the heart of our applied learning framework.

The way our applied learning programmes are delivered varies according to the challenge and the participants’ needs: from classical (applied) training sessions, workshops, and field visits to more customised activities such as coaching, simulations and prototyping.


  • Our trainings take place on-site, online or in a blended format to make the most of both modalities.
  • They are held in English or in the local language.
  • They are either “open" to any professional interested in the subject or custom-designed to the needs of a specific organisation or ecosystem (such as a city)

These two examples of open and customised applied courses will give you an idea of the applied learning programmes we design:

One week custom-designed blended course (online/in Malta) on the topic of ‘Cycling infrastructure’

Three days open course in Brussels on the topic of ‘Mobility Data and Digital Tools’

The Competence Hub provides cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary, cross-organisational learning experiences for professionals, executives, city officials, and more broadly, for all actors working in urban mobility. 

Supporting innovative learning projects and communities

The Academy Competence Hub also brings together leading European learning organisations and experts from our 250+ partner network, so they can design and probe new result-oriented training methodologies and modalities, to foster mobility innovation and entrepreneurship.

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