Welcome2Europe has selected its new batch of participating startups

The ScaleTHENGlobal programme, developed by the EIT Urban Mobility and funded by the European Union, recently opened a new call for participants to take part in the Welcome2Europe activity. This programme is looking to expand the capabilities of the selected urban mobility start-ups and help them boost their business ideas into new territories.

Welcome2Europe will host for the upcoming months 5 international startup companies who are targeting Europe, and will give them the opportunity to be introduced to investors and local hub partners. Preparation workshops will take place to assist the selected teams and boost their networking capabilities with potential customers. Additionally, all the participants from the programme will benefit from Access to the EIT Urban Mobility network and ecosystem.

The full participants list is as it follows:


  • BlueSpace (USA)
    • Predictive Perception software to capture the true motion state of all objects to enhance autonomous driving functions and provide verifiable safety without external dependencies.
  • Parabol (Turkey)
    • Urban mobility management and analytics solutions by turning mobility-related data into actionable insights and recommendations to make more sustainable, safe, and liveable cities real.
  • URBANCOLAB (India)
    • A data-based design and decision-making tool for cities to benchmark streets and enable mobility shift.
  • NMODES (Canada)
    • A conversational AI platform delivering sustainable customer service and user engagement for smart cities and smart transportation.
  • WeavAir (Canada)
    • A solution enables improved safety and reduced operation costs of automotive fleets and transportation systems.

The consortium is looking forward to working with them to foster engagement between start-ups, small and medium-size enterprises, original equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Furthermore, participating start-ups and cities will be able to interact, and expectations from different European regions will also be exposed. One week before the main event, preparation workshops will facilitate the selected teams strengthen their future presentations and networking capabilities with potential clients.

Welcome2Europe is part of the ScaleTHENGlobal project, supported by EIT Urban Mobility, a programme led by CARNET (initiative coordinated by CIT UPC), with the collaboration of PowerHub, Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research, UnternehmerTUM, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik (NFF), Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg and the City of Hamburg, with the support of Xpreneurs, UnternehmerTUM Digital Hub Mobility, and SpinLab.