I have a question for you especial edition Christmas 2021

Almost closing the year, we considered that today was a very good opportunity to remind what we have done since the beginning of the year. Also to explore what is in the pipeline for the next year.

Over the last 12 months, we have taken several actions in our challenge areas. We identified them with the help of our city partners. We really think that actions taken in these lines can make a difference in the quality of life our citizens and the sustainability of our planet.

But what is the result of the actions we have put into place in this regard? What are the next steps to be taken from now onwards? And how are we going to keep up contributing to boost urban mobility? To reply to these and other questions, I would like to welcome the Chief Executive Officer of EIT Urban Mobility, Maria Tsavachidis.

Watch the video now and learn more about our partnership, projects, activities, the alignment with EU policies and what is in the pipeline for the next year!