I have a question for you: Digitalisation of urban mobility

On this first edition of 2022, we will focus on the topic of digitalization of urban mobility. Did you know that digitalization is one of the priorities of the European Commission at all levels? Digitalization and data sharing are crucial enablers of the sustainable mobility transformation. Data from diverse sources, including different modes of transportation, are central to the future of urban mobility? But how is interoperability connecting systems and boosting urban mobility to make more liveable cities?

To learn more about this, we invited our panel of experts from EIT Urban Mobiity. Luana Bidasca, our EU Affairs Manager, welcome, Delia Mitcan, our Innovation Lifecycle Manager, and Julienne Chen, Our Citizen Engagement Manager. We had a glance at the solutions available in the MarketPlace with our colleague, Sergi Fayos from Factory, learnt more about our partner Factual, with the Managing Partner, Marc Figuls, and deep dived more into the project MultiDepart, with Jose María Salanova, project lead, and the achievements of Vianova, with the COO, Thibaut Febvre.

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