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Learn with us about Public Realm

May has been the month dedicated to Public Realm. During this month, we have explored more about how to make public spaces more liveable. On this ocassion, we had four guests with us: Ulyana Vynyarchuk, Innovation Lifecycle Officer – Innovation […]
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Learning about future mobility with EIT Urban Mobility

Do you remember Back to Future? That amazing film that made us dream with flying cars and scooters and many more science fiction stuff?​ Today, we can start tasting how back to future looks like thanks to autonomous driving, connectivity, […]
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Interviewing Gareth Macnaughton on Mobility and Energy

In the first edition of our videoblog, we interviewed Gareth Macnaughton, Director of Innovation at EIT Urban Mobility, to deep dive more into the concept of Mobility and Energy, covering key points as the role of policy makers, the habits […]
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