Urban Mobility Days 2023: EIT Urban Mobility Takes the Stage 

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Seville, Spain, 2 October 2023 – Urban Mobility Days 2023, a European Commission flagship event in the realm of urban transport and sustainable mobility, is set to take place from 4-6 October in Seville, Spain. This event will bring together an array of personalities, including politicians, local authorities, industry leaders, and urban transport practitioners, all converging with the European Commission. Urban Mobility Days serves as a platform to foster connections and engage in discussions for a sustainable, innovative, and equitable future for urban mobility. The event will see the high-level participation of Raquel Sánchez Jiménez Minister of Transport, Spain; Adina-Ioana Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport; Juan Manuel Moreno, President of the Government of Andalucía; José Luis Sanz Ruiz, Mayor City of Seville and Maria Tsavachidis, CEO of EIT Urban Mobility. 

2023 has been designated as the European Year of Skills, and Urban Mobility Days will place a special emphasis on enhancing transport-related skills. This strategic focus aims to equip professionals in the field with the knowledge and competencies needed to drive forward the urban mobility agenda. Organised in collaboration with the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, this event promises to be a pivotal moment in the journey towards sustainable urban mobility solutions. Join us at Urban Mobility Days 2023 to be part of this significant conversation and contribute to the advancement of European urban mobility. 

EIT Urban Mobility, led by Maria Tsavachidis, CEO, will play a central role in shaping the discourse on urban mobility with its involvement in key activities: 

  • Friday, 6 October, 12:00 – 13:00 : Closing Plenary on Just Transition and Skills in Urban Mobility 
  • EIT Urban Mobility will co-host a workshop with Polis on Wednesday, 4 October 2023, from 9:00-11:45, within the programme of Urban Mobility Days. Titled “Citizen Engagement Workshop: Engaging with the Public and End Users on Sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions,” this workshop will be led by Julienne Chen, Head of Citizen engagement at EIT Urban Mobility.  

On Thursday, 5 October, 09:30 – 10:45, EIT Urban Mobility’s Director, Daniel Serra, will be a panellist in “All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Common European Mobility Data Space. Unlocking the potential of data is essential to transition faster towards a more sustainable and smarter transport and mobility system. The panel will explain the concept and its impact on urban mobility.

CIVITAS has tasked EIT Urban Mobility for its expertise in evaluating ready-to-market solutions from their project portfolio and coordinating all AGORA activities at the Urban Mobility Days. The solutions will be doing a 15min pitch of their products at the AGORA stage and are available for networking at their respective booths: 

  1. Thursday, 5 October, 10:55 – 11:10: NEMO project’s Pollution Monitoring Device: Monitoring air pollution by remote sensing | Nemo (nemo-cities.eu) & Monitoring Air Pollution by Multispectral Imaging | Nemo (nemo-cities.eu) 
  1. Thursday, 5 October, 11:15 – 11:30: NEMO project’s Noise Monitoring Device: Monitoring Noise by Remote Sensing | Nemo (nemo-cities.eu) in individually sourcing noise emitters 
  1. Thursday, 5 October, 15:40 – 15:55: Park4SUMP project’s ParkPAD: ParkPad in guiding cities‘urban parking policies 
  1. Wednesday, 4 October, 16:15 – 16:30 HARMONY project’s MobyApp: Moby APP – MobyX – Transport software solutions, for Travel data collection from your phone 
  1. Wednesday, 4 October, 15:55 – 16:10: HARMONY project’s MS: Harmony MS – MobyX – Transport software solutions, for flexible planning platform for urban modelling 

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the EIT Urban Mobility booth, where they can engage with representatives from various projects. The booth will feature the following projects and representatives: 

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