The EIT Campus marks its one-year anniversary at the European Education Summit

The EIT Campus, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology’s flagship online learning platform, is participating at the upcoming European Education Summit on November 30, 2023. The Summit, an annual flagship event of the European Commission’s Education Area (EEA), brings together policymakers from EU institutions and the European education and training communities. In addition to its participation in the Summit, the EIT Campus is gearing up for its anniversary in January, marking a year of substantial achievements. The EIT Campus has played a pivotal role in innovative and entrepreneurial education, featuring a diverse range of educational activities and opportunities.

The European Commission is eager to train and reskill workers across all member states.

In 2023, the European Commission launched the Year of Skills initiative – a new strategy to boost upskilling, training, and innovation initiatives across member states. Within that framework, the EIT Campus was launched, on January 10, 2023, introducing an online platform housing over 200 courses, addressing crucial thematic areas such as climate, food, urban mobility, manufacturing, health, digital and raw materials provided by the EIT Community. This platform serves as a central entry point for students and professionals seeking to expand their knowledge while emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurship. After a year, over 40,000 users, ranging from professional and students, have actively explored the dynamic landscape of the EIT Campus.

EIT Campus, an online training platform celebrates it’s one year of existence.

Led by EIT Urban Mobility, representatives from the EIT Campus initiative will attend the Summit, showcasing their commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in education. The EIT Campus will feature its dedicated stand, serving as a platform to network and discuss its role in upskilling the future labour market in Europe. EIT Urban Mobility is highly engaged in this initiative as transport is continuously mentioned as a sector where significant labour shortages or skills mismatch are experienced, but also addressing gender unbalanced.

About EIT Campus: The EIT Campus is an initiative by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, providing a centralized platform for innovative and entrepreneurial education and skill development. The platform offers a diverse range of courses and opportunities to students and professionals across Europe, contributing to the region’s digital and green transitions. For further information about the EIT Campus and its initiatives, please visit