The Urban Air Mobility Plazza Accelerator programme kicks off in Toulouse

  • Funded by EIT Urban Mobility, the Urban Air Mobility accelerator programme will accelerate 10 startups in Urban Air Mobility from all over Europe during the next 6 months.

  • The selected startups will receive mentoring and coaching, expert workshops, and access to local ecosystems and markets, in addition to the possibility to test their solutions in living labs throughout cities of Europe.

  • The programme takes place in EIT Urban Mobility’s partner city, Toulouse Métropole (a pioneer city in the field of aeronautics), and it is developed by an international consortium composed of our partners Aerospace Valley (the most significant European cluster in the field of aeronautics, space and drones), Ferrovial (experts in market needs and trends to pick out disruptive ideas) and CARNET (already working in different acceleration programmes funded by EIT Urban Mobility). 

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is the term used to refer to the development of urban mobility into the third dimension, air. While up until now, the only modes of transportation we were familiar with were taxis, (passenger) drones are gradually beginning to fly the skies as an alternative. This might reduce the stress on several consistently underutilised infrastructures, such as those in cities with fast expanding populations.

By implementing aeronautical innovative technologies in Urban Mobility, ground transportation might have its future in the air. For this reason, the Urban Air Mobility Acceleration programme has a great potential to solve current city challenges and the challenges that many UAM businesses face: finding the right technology for every application.

Committed to creating sustainable cities and communities, clean energy, and climate action, EIT Urban Mobility’s Urban Air Mobility accelerator programme kick-off started last week and will last for six months, ending with some demo days during the month of December.

Selected startups to participate in the programme:

  • AldoraTech – Spain (Drone delivery)  – AldoraTech offers a drone delivery solution that aims for an efficient, sustainable and safe transition to greener automated logistics. They have developed drones to deliver packages and a process to automate manufacturing, reducing costs.

  • Reflet du monde – France (UAV services) – Reflet du monde supports its customers in the use of UAVs in terms of training, services, sales, and research and development. They also work in the field of agriculture with its 25 kg drone used for various services.

  • Delivrone – France (Drone delivery) – Delivrone is changing how the world breathes and moves with sustainable and innovative ways to improve medical deliveries. A French start-up looking to revolutionize the medical last mile delivery industry using drones.

  • eMagic Aircraft – Germany (eVTOL) – eMagic Aircraft focus on the Development, Design and Construction of airframe and electric propulsion system. They are specialised in the construction of super lightweight honeycomb structures /airframes and the development of high efficiency propulsion and flight control systems.
  • Finova Aviation – Spain (Flying car)- Finova Aviation is developing a Flying Car that can drive on the road and fly in the sky to offer true Door-to-Door mobility for First/Last-Mile Cargo delivery in urban areas to reduce the delivery cost for e-commerce companies.

  • Fusion Engineering – Netherlands (Flight controller for drone delivery) – Fusion Engineering aim is to make drone flight much safer and reliable so it can be integrated seamlessly into everyday life as well as expand their feasible commercial applications by developing cutting edge flight controllers, control algorithms, and software.

  • H2 DRON ENERGY – Spain (Hydrogen battery) – H2 DRON ENERGY is a clean energy technology and product manufacturing company. They design, manufacture and integrate solutions for the electric power generation using hydrogen fuel cell; at present they are focused in UAVs.

  • OmniOpti – Slovenia (Route optimization) – OmniOpti core competence is Logistics / Mobility, specifically the advanced algorithm for alternative routes, for the route optimization process. Their system provides more alternative routes to choose from and saves 5-15% of the money.

  • Sorair hub-to-hub drone delivery – United Kingdom (Drone delivery) – Sorair hub-to-hub drone delivery is providing e-commerce fulfilment companies with their own in-house distribution systems using autonomous delivery drones and localised networks of end-customer collection hubs to build point-to-point drone delivery systems.

  • Weslax GmbH – Germany (Cargo drone) – Weslax GmbH is developing an environmental, half-automated hybrid heavy-lift-drone (Hy-UAV) to save time by direct airline during logistic & emergency-case situations (firefighting or rescue) in a 150km range and 150kg payload with the compliance of the ESG-criteria.

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