Four female-led start-ups conquering new mobility markets with Rocket Up 2023

 In Europe, the need for internationalization arises early on, given the relatively small size of countries and their cultural and regulatory differences. For female-led start-ups, international growth presents additional unique challenges, resulting from limited access to funding and networks compared to their counterparts. And that´s where Supernovas, the leading female entrepreneurship support organization of the EIT, jumps in!

The Rocket Up programme, a comprehensive 15-week initiative under the umbrella of Supernovas,  offers tailored support from mentors with expertise in market expansion and strategy development, along with individualized guidance from industry experts, and valuable introductions to stakeholders.

Among the selected start-ups, we have four mobility-focused ventures in this year’s batch:

  • Go Jauntly (UK): Free, award-winning, community-based app which promotes walking for leisure, active travel and nature connection. 
  • ProperGate (Poland): Smart logistics platform for construction sites. Streamline operations, optimize resources, and drive sustainability.
  • GAYA (France): GAYA is a French smart-bikes brand, dedicated to make urban families life brighter. 
  • BitaGreen (Belgium): For healthier and happier cities, BitaGreen helps risk managers identify best locations for investment in climate-proof urban nature.

The complete batch includes the following start-ups:

1. Gaya Bike

2. Ani Biome

3. Fermata

4. Corbiota

5. BitaGreen

6. Scaled

7. GoJauntly

8. ProperGate

9. Li-tech

10. Resourcly

All participating start-ups in the Rocket Up programme are committed to the goals of EIT Urban Mobility, EIT Food, or EIT Manufacturing, aligning their efforts with sustainability and economic development.

Throughout this intensive programme, participating start-ups will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identify the most suitable market for expansion and develop a well-defined go-to-market strategy with an actionable to-do list for successful market entry.
  • Connect with key stakeholders and potential partners to establish fruitful collaborations.
  • Expand networks through interactions with industry experts and experienced mentors providing valuable guidance.
  • Foster meaningful connections with other women-led start-ups, creating a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Stay updated on the progress and achievements of these outstanding start-ups by connecting with us on our social media channels. For more information about the Rocket Up programme, please visit the Supernovas website.       

“For European start-ups, international expansion is vital due to the continent’s diverse countries. Yet, expanding internationally is not so easy, as it requires consideration of various regulations, languages, and cultures. Especially for women-led ventures, which are often held back by additional barriers. With the programme, start-ups will define a successful expansion strategy. The start-ups selected have shown a strong team, remarkable product innovation focusing on sustainability, and the potential for international expansion.”

Celeste Reglá, Rocket Up Programme Officer