Next 13 October, join the Nordic Perspective Summit!

EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub North will be officially inaugurated at the Nordic Perspective summit on 13 October. Join us online or in person for this full day interesting event! During the opening plenary session starting at 09,:00 CEST Dr Maria Tsavachidis, CEO EIT Urban Mobility, Henrik Morgen, Director Innovation Hub North and young changemakers from EIT Urban Mobility partner DTU – Technical University of Denmark  will give their take on the future of mobility. 

The Nordic Summit Perspective is a full day face-to-face event at DTU Campus, bringing together all relevant stakeholders across the whole EIT Urban Mobility network and beyond. The Summit creates a stage for sharing knowledge and experience from ongoing urban mobility projects, innovations and initiatives, new challenges and opportunities and new competencies across cities, academia and the private sector.

The Nordic countries have a challenging climate (rainy, cold and icy), they have energy policies in place and are largely on track in their decarbonisation of electricity, heat and buildings. Transportation and mobility, however, present multiple pressing challenges: the fossil fuel intensity of transport, long travel distances, the state of public transport infrastructure, congestion, population density and electrification of transport.

Summit Sessions


Moderator: Mikael Nybacka, Associate Professor, KTH, Division of Vehicle Dynamics

Confirmed topics:

  • A smart and sufficient charging infrastructure for electric vehicle
  • State of Health Evaluation of 10 V2G EVs
  • Electric Road System (ERS) overview and how could a national ERS be established
  • Wireless electric roads – ready for large scale deployment
  • Towards 100% electro-mobility: An EV driver’s perspective

Moderator: Bernadette Bergsma, Head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, EIT Urban Mobility


Confirmed topics:

  • Towards personalised incentives for car sharing – Share More EIT-Urban Mobility project
  • Regulator Perspective (policy changes)
  • People-first Mobility
  • Mistra SAMS Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility Solutions


Moderator: Anders Fjendbo Jensen, Associate Professor DTU, Department of Technology, Management and Economics

Confirmed topics:

  • Increased International Interest in New Cycling Infrastructure
  • Strategic effort for supercycle paths in the Capital Region
  • Socio-economic Evaluations of Super Bike Highways
  • Introduction to Bike-Longer 2020
  • Results from user and stakeholder interviews in Copenhagen
  • Results from user and stakeholder interviews in Tel Aviv
  • Development of apps for revealing bicyclist behaviour


Moderator: Claudio Roncoli, Assistant Professor, Aalto University, Department of Built Environment

Confirmed topics:

  • What is the role of Micro-mobility post-Covid19?
  • Road towards Automation
  • Aalto University projects (smart traffic and open data)
  • Smart mobility piloting to enable future mobility solutions: The Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab in Helsinki
  • Traffic management for future mobility


Moderator: Kersten Heineke, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Confirmed topics:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on future mobility solutions
  • How Movia uses Neural Networks-models to support social distancing requirements
  • Exploration of TomTom data to assess the impact of COVID-19 on traffic
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on public transport use in Sweden


Moderator: Otto Anker Nielsen, Professor, DTU, Department of Technology, Management and Economics

Confirmed topics:

  • Public Transport, Walking, and Urban Environments
  • Developing analysis of future transport infrastructure in urban context – Example: Copenhagen Metro
  • Intermodal transit hubs – a driver for urban life and development
  • By & Havn

Click here to visit the conference website for more information.

Accelerator Hub East Bootcamp for startups is coming!!

Prague, 27-28 September 2020.

The most promising early-stage start-up teams with business ideas to reduce congestion and increase transport efficiency selected in June 2020 will pitch their ideas in Prague! The selected start-ups come with innovative approaches to make commuting faster or more enjoyable and with concepts to accelerate the transition to low- or zero-emission means of transport. All other possible ideas that help to solve mobility-related problems are also included in their proposals.


The Accelerator HUB East Bootcamp will be organised in parallel to the Innovation Week Czech Republic 2020, a major technology event organised by the European Leadership & Academic Institute (ELAI).

Due to the Corona situation, it will be a hybrid event, thus allowing for on-site and on-line participation. The onsite participants will be welcomed at the Forum Karlin in Prague, Czech Republic – one of the national top high-tech venues — as well as at Namesti Kinskych 6, Prague 5 – the location of PowerHUB  

Bootcamp Agenda Draft

27-28 September, 2020: The first two days will focus on improving the start-ups’ presentation’s skills for the 3 minutes pitches (business quality as well as graphical and vocal skills).  Participants from the start-up teams will get direct feedback from the experts from our Mentor Mobility Pool, coming from different EU countries like Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland etc. 

29 September, 2020: The Accelerator start-up teams will present their 3 minute pitches to the Innovation Week Czech Republic’s audience during the  afternoon session of the Demo day

All the teams will have access to the main Innovation Week events.  A common brochure introducing the EIT Urban Mobility Acceleration programme and all start-ups taking part in the event will be prepared and distributed during the event.

The EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator is an EU-funded programme running in five European regional hubs implemented through partners to take early-stage mobility start-ups to the next level.