TACTIC, the last mile logistic solution, takes flight with pilot launch at Métropole du Grand Paris

  • EIT Urban Mobility’s co-funded innovation project, TACTIC (Transformative, Adaptive, and Collaborative Traffic Management for Improved Capacity), has officially initiated its pilot phase at the Métropole du Grand Paris.
  • The TACTIC project focuses on environmentally friendly last-mile delivery solutions that enable professionals to benefit from a system for sharing light commercial vehicles and cargo bikes for their goods deliveries and journeys. The town of Rueil-Malmaison will be trialling the solution until mid-2024.
  • Martine Vazquez, Cheffe de service Dev économique durable Métropole du Grand Paris and Sophie Bénet-Jouhaud, Chargée de mission Logistique urbaine durable chez Métropole du Grand Paris; attended to the launch of the project

TACTIC addresses the ever-growing challenges of urban traffic management by leveraging innovative technologies and adaptive strategies. The project aims to develop innovative solutions for optimising urban traffic flow, reducing congestion, and enhancing overall transportation efficiency. The Métropole du Grand Paris, known for its dynamic urban landscape and diverse transportation needs, was the perfect testing ground for the TACTIC project, providing real insights for refining and fine-tuning the developed technologies.


During the test period and in conjunction with the Greater Paris Metropolitan Area, the town of Rueil-Malmaison is working with Clem’ to test and launch the platform for sharing commercial vehicles. The vehicle and cargo bike, located respectively in Rueil town centre and on the outskirts of Suresnes, will be accessible via the Clem Mobi application.

The project’s success at the Métropole du Grand Paris could pave the way for wider implementation across European urban centres, offering a blueprint for intelligent and adaptive traffic management systems. As cities grapple with the complexities of urban mobility, TACTIC demonstrates how collaborative efforts and transformative technologies can shape the future of transportation in metropolitan areas. The outcomes of the pilot phase will contribute to the ongoing discourse on sustainable and efficient urban mobility solutions.

Car-sharing service for professionals to be extended to Rueil-Malmaison (Clem’) (Les Echos)

About the TACTIC project  

TACTIC creates an innovative solution that brings economic, environmental, and social value to the last-mile logistics business, involving different stakeholders in the local commerce logistics chain. The solution consists of connecting local commerce, green logistics services and the end user through the development and integration of the following services and products:

  • e-vehicle sharing app: app that connects local commerce (B2B) and citizens (B2C) with zero-emission vehicles for logistics purposes.
  • green logistics operation: use of cargo bikes and e-vans for last-mile delivery.
  • marketplace for local commerce: technology integration between an e-commerce marketplace platform and sustainable delivery service providers to offer local market users access to delivery services in sustainable vehicles.

TACTIC is led by Factual, developed by Hermeneus World, Vanapedal and Clem’, and two living labs: Barcelona City Council and the Métropole du Grand Paris.