DIGITALBUS: The portuguese city of Loule revolutionises transportation with the launch of the app called “Apanha-me!”

Innovative Mobility Solution Promises Enhanced Commuting Experience

  • The users of “Apanha-me!”, the Loulé municipality’s urban transport network, can now locate their bus in real-time using the developed by EIT Urban Mobility’s project “Digital Bus”
  • The project is promoted by the municipal company Loulé Concelho Global in collaboration with two technology companies as partners – NEMI Mobility Solutions SL and Factual Consulting Barcelona – the Centre for Environmental Studies of Spain, based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, and the Municipality of Vilafranca del Penedés, in Catalonia

[City of Loule, September 2023] – The City of Loule, located in the heart of Portugal’s Algarve region, is proud to announce the launch of the mobile application, “Apanha-me!”, a new app that promises to transform the way residents and visitors navigate the city, offering a convenient and efficient means of transportation that caters to the modern urban lifestyle.

Apanha-me! – The ultimate urban mobility companion

Loule is renowned for its landscapes, vibrant culture, and historical charm. However, like many thriving urban centres, it faces the challenges of congestion and transportation efficiency. The “Apanha-me!” app is set to address these challenges head-on by providing a range of innovative features designed to simplify commuting while reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

The launch of “Apanha-me!” is a new step in Loule’s commitment to embracing innovation and technology to enhance the lives of its residents and visitors. The app aligns with the city’s broader vision of sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. In the municipality of Loulé, the Digital Bus project aims to promote the use of public transport by providing digital tools to support users by providing real-time information on the location of the buses.
To make it easier to use the municipal urban transport network, the digital application will make it possible to respond to users’ greatest needs, such as departure and arrival times, bus journey and arrival times and the real-time location of buses.


Digital Bus aims to close the digital gap observed by small and mid-sized operators often, but not exclusively, running services in rural areas. Currently, a rudimentary manual booking and info system prevails with inefficient data, poor management and impoverished user service due to a lack of information and transparency. Digital Bus will demonstrate the benefits for public transport operators and end-users alike.

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