First EIT Alumni Node set up at EIT Urban Mobility HQ

In a move aimed at fostering collaboration and networking among alumni of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (EIT KICs), the first EIT Alumni Node is set to open its doors at the EIT Urban Mobility headquarters in Barcelona. 

Commencing on 22 March 2024, the EIT Urban Mobility HQ located at Torre Glories will provide a dedicated space for EIT Community Alumni to convene and engage in various activities, including networking sessions, startup idea development, and meetings with potential investors and customers. EIT Community Alumni will have the opportunity to book an office space three times a month. 

The primary objective of the EIT Alumni Node project is to offer EIT Community Alumni to boost their business ideas and ventures, and maintain engagement within the EIT community, thereby expanding and strengthening professional networks. Additionally, the initiative is expected to facilitate collaboration with the local ecosystem of startup founders and innovators. 

Why in Barcelona? 

Factors considered in the selection process included CLC (Co-Location Centre) density, the startup, and investment landscape, alumni presence, and connectivity, among other factors. The decision underscores Barcelona’s vibrant innovation ecosystem and its potential to serve as a hub for alumni engagement. 

Looking ahead, plans are underway to establish a second Node elsewhere in Europe in the near future, further expanding opportunities for alumni engagement and collaboration across the continent. 

How to book your office space? 

This initiative is designed to benefit all alumni of EIT Community, encompassing individuals who have previously participated in programmes offered by any KIC branch. EIT Alumni members can register here.

See you in Torre Glories!