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Request for proposals: WordPress LMS maintenance and improvements

By the present procurement procedure, EIT Urban Mobility, hereinafter being referred to as “EIT UM”, is aiming to identify a supplier to provide ongoing full website maintenance and implement strategic improvements to enhance the user experience, functionality, and overall performance of our website, currently located at urbanmobilitycourses.eu.

Specifically, this project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Maintain a reliable and secure website: Ensure smooth operation and continuous improvement of the website through routine maintenance tasks, including code updates, plugin management, and security measures.
  2. Enhance website performance and scalability: Optimize website speed, eliminate performance bottlenecks, and prepare the website to handle future growth and content expansion.
  3. Improve user experience (UX): Conduct a comprehensive technical and UX audit to identify areas for improvement in navigation, structure, and overall usability.
  4. Enhance user account functionality: Implement improvements to the registration, enrolment, and payment systems, including offering membership options, product bundles, and streamlined payment methods.
  5. Integrate email marketing automation: Establish a seamless connection between our website and MailChimp through Zapier or custom code to automate email campaigns based on user activity and course progress.
  6. Implement a successful website rebrand: Facilitate a smooth transition from the current domain (urbanmobilitycourses.eu) to the new one (urbanmobilityexplained.eu), ensuring continuity and minimal user disruption.
  7. Implement minor website improvements: Address smaller user experience issues such as breadcrumb navigation and other usability enhancements.

Through this project, we aim to achieve a website that is:

  • Reliable and stable: Free of errors and downtime.
  • Fast and efficient: Optimized for speed and performance.
  • User-friendly: Easy to navigate and use for all visitors.
  • Scalable: Able to accommodate future growth and content expansion.
  • Functional: Equipped with improved user account features, email marketing automation, and a seamless rebrand.

Check the Request for Proposals here.

To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

Deadline for submissions: 6 June 2024 at 16:00h (CET)