Request for proposals: The optimization, reporting and maintenance of Google Analytics 4 for EIT Urban Mobility’s Competence Hub e-learning platform

The objective of this procurement procedure is to engage a provider with expertise in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) for a WordPress based e-learning platform;

  • to (re)configure, fix, and optimise the analytical platform of EIT Urban Mobility Academy’s Competence Hub e-learning platform (WordPress based and LearnDash) – Work Package 1.
  • provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure GA4 is at all times configured, tracking and reporting accurately – Work Package 2.

Work Package 1 covers all tasks identified to ensure that EIT Urban Mobility Academy’s Competence Hub GA4 analytical framework is configured, operating, tracking and reporting as accurately as possible. Upon successful completion and validation of Work Package 1, Work Package 2 will be initiated and will remain active until the contract concludes on 31/12/2025.

With respect to Work Package 1, as outlined in the previous chapter, starting in 2024, the EIT Urban Mobility Academy’s Competence Hub learning initiatives will operate under the unified brand EIT Urban Mobility Explained (UMX). This brand encompasses e-courses, applied learning, YouTube channel, and any additional learning resources such as webinars and blogs. Currently, e-courses, applied learning courses, blogs and webinars are hosted on the Urban Mobility Courses website, while UMX videos are available on the UMX YouTube channel. All are designed to help professionals upskill or reskill in sustainable urban mobility.

To realize the presented funnel model and to achieve key goals such as growing brand awareness, attracting new learners, driving course registrations and completions, and ensuring commercial success for the EIT Urban Mobility Academy’s Competence Hub, we implement a variety of digital marketing activities. These include, but are not limited to SEO, organic search optimization, social media engagement, referrals, partnerships, and paid campaigns.

For these digital marketing activities to be truly effective in achieving their goals mentioned above, it is imperative that Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is meticulously implemented to accurately track and report on these interactions. Unfortunately, the current GA4 setup falls short in leveraging the full potential of its advanced analytical capabilities. As a result, crucial insights into the impact of our digital marketing initiatives are not being captured or reported accurately. Rectifying these issues is essential for optimizing our strategies and achieving a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts within the EIT Urban Mobility Academy’s Competence Hub.

To achieve this, a comprehensive audit of the current GA4 and GTM setup is required to identify the issues and solutions required, fix these issues, (re)develop and implement reliable attribution models, (re)configure conversion tracking, and generate customized reports and dashboards. Reporting tools are necessary to accurately capture key performance indicators, to provide meaningful insights into customer behavior, the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies, and their impact on user engagement within the EIT Urban Mobility Academy Competence Hub e-learning platform. This comprehensive approach is designed to enhance the clarity and depth of our understanding of user interactions within our e-learning platform, facilitating the optimization of our digital marketing strategies in a more informed manner and ensure we have a clear understanding of our funnel and end-to-end customer journey.

With respect to Work Package 2, the provider will provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that all time GA4 is tracking and reporting accurately on user activity happening on EIT Urban Mobility Academy´s Competence Hub e-learning platform and adapting to any changes or updates implemented on the e-learning platform, that may impact GA4 configuration.

Only proposals encompassing both Work Package 1 and Work Package 2 will be taken into consideration.

Check out the Request for Proposals here.

To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

Deadline for submissions: 15 February 2024, 16:00 (CET)