A pair of glasses on top of a notebook with a proposal written.

Request for proposals: Survey implementation and database management for HEI Initiative Alumni project

The EIT’s HEI Initiative – Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education, is a pan-European project that aims at helping higher education institutions to build capacity to teach innovation and entrepreneurship. The EIT’s HEI Initiative organises annual calls for proposals, inviting European higher education institutions to design institution-wide action plans in which they have to train and mentor a minimum number of students, academic and non-academic staff in entrepreneurship and innovation fields, and also support start-ups through services like mentoring and consultancy.

In the context of the EIT’s HEI Initiative, EIT Urban Mobility is leading the creation of the HEI Initiative Alumni community, connecting the students, academic and non-academic staff trained, as well as the start-up founders supported. As a first step towards the establishment of this community, we will design a survey addressed to the HEI Initiative Alumni in order to collect some data on them with the double objective of creating a database that will allow the KICs to have a direct communication with the Alumni, and of being able to analyse their profile, interests and expectations to build a strategy for the future of the community.

The focus of this Request for Proposals is on two specific tasks of the HEI Initiative Alumni Work Package:

  • Implementation of the survey, including the identification of the most suitable survey tool and the purchase of the tool licence.
  • Creation and management of the Alumni database in 2023, including the identification of a solution that will be easily manageable internally in the following years.

Candidates should note that the questionnaire for the survey will be designed by EIT Urban Mobility.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

To apply, please send the completed tender’s submission and declaration form.

Deadline for submissions: 11 May 2023 at 16:00 Central European Time