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Request for proposals: Social media agency

By the present procurement procedure, the EIT KIC Urban Mobility S.L. hereby being referred to as “EIT UM” or the “Company” is aiming to identify a social media agency (hereinafter, referred to as “the Contractor” or “Tenderer”) to enhance our social media presence through the support, development and implementation of a new social media strategy, regular monitoring, and recommendations for optimisation, as well as proofreading of posts and design services.

EIT UM currently maintains a robust presence on four major social media platforms, ranked by follower count: LinkedIn (EIT Urban Mobility, +43,000), X (@EITUrbanMob, +5,460), Instagram (@EITUrbanMob, +3,000) and Facebook (EIT Urban Mobility, +2,300). In addition to these channels, the LinkedIn account of the CEO Maria Tsavachidis is also managed by the external communications team. Furthermore, Directors and Heads of regional offices (CLCs) are encouraged to use their personal accounts to extend the reach of EIT Urban Mobility’s work.

The overall communication objectives of EIT Urban Mobility are:

(i) Raising awareness of the need for more sustainable, inclusive, and innovative urban mobility in Europe.

(ii) Brand reputation: Placing EIT Urban Mobility as THE reference on urban mobility.

(iii) Leads: Strengthening relationships and bringing EIT Urban Mobility, its services, and its projects visibility to new stakeholders.

The specific objectives of social media channels are:

(i) Raising awareness: Drive brand awareness and visibility of who we are, what we do and how to get involved.

(ii) Brand reputation:

      a. Community: Engage and connect like-minded and influential people to discuss hot topics.

      b. Thought leadership: Drive understanding how we are experts in the fields throughout study, why what we do is important and demonstrate authority in the urban mobility    innovation space

(iii) Lead generation: Convert audience to become partners, increase # of start-ups applying to our programmes, purchase tickets for TMWC, etc.

The main key target audiences of EIT Urban Mobility are, among others:

  • Cities, regions, governments, Ministries, civil servants, etc.
  • European institutions and European networks: European Union bodies, international organisations.
  • Opinion leaders and influencers: Think Tanks, universities, researchers, experts, policy analysts.
  • Lobby and civil society organisations.
  • Private sector: Startups, SMEs and big industry players in the mobility, transport, energy, and environment sector.
  • End users and citizens.

The selected agency will work closely with the external communications team to achieve these specific objectives.

Check the Request for Proposals here.

To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

Deadline for submissions: 15 July 2024 at 16:00h (CET)