Request for proposals: Selection of external procurement experts 2023

By the present procurement procedure, the EIT Urban Mobility S.L., (hereby being referred to as “EIT UM”) is expecting to appoint one sole provider for the realisation of the services set in Section 2.1. that are expected to be implemented as stated in Section 2.2.

The expertise should cover the following:

  • Update and extension of the current procurement manual and templates if necessary – estimated 100 hours.
  • Monthly procurement helpdesk – estimated 20 expert hours/month (depends on the intensity of the monthly activity).
  • Specialised procurement pre-audit activities and targeted procurement assistance prior/during and ex-post of audits – estimated 100 expert hours (depends on the amount and depth of the requested documentation).
  • Carrying out entire procurement management for EIT UM – if requested (working hours based on the exact type of procedure and complexity).
  • Any other procurement related assistance requested.

All the information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables and terms and conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

Deadline for submissions: 10 July 2023, 16:00hs (CET)