Request for proposals: Selection of a contractor to further develop the Competence Hub e-learning portfolio

EIT Urban Mobility Competence Hub is the Professional Training Unit within EIT Urban Mobility’s Academy.
Our training programmes and content are designed for professionals around Europe, working in or
interested in urban mobility and sustainable urban development. These professionals, our end-users, can
be either from the private sector (industry, technology, services, start-up, multi-national firms, etc.) or from
the public sector (city officials, civil servants, NGOs, etc.). It is primarily for these busy professionals that we
are designing and developing a series of face-to-face activities, synchronous and asynchronous e-learning

In 2020, a portfolio of 10 Small Free Online Courses (SFOC) and 7 MOOCs was developed around topics that gained
attraction, and which were primarily identified through the Web-TV activities. These courses were produced by the Competence Hub, in collaboration with many European partners and address a wide variety of sustainable urban mobility topics/challenges. These courses are currently hosted on market leader platforms such as Coursera and Future Learn, on our partners´ own platforms, or on the Competence Hub’s own Moodle-based LMS platform.

In the case of the courses that have been published on our partner´s platforms, several of them have been
developed on different platforms based on WordPress.

The Competence Hub is therefore interested in contracting the necessary technical support so it may migrate these five courses, as well as all the relevant user data, to a single new WordPress based e-learning platform, as well as to implement a centralized payment and certification system for all current and future courses hosted on this new platform, integrate a standard feedback questionnaire at the end of each course which should inform the Competence Hub team of the performance and student satisfaction relative to the course which has been taken and the e-learning platform, and develop new e-learning content and formats to be hosted on this new platform.

The aim is to improve the way the platform functions and allow for a smooth and efficient implementation of new revenue-generating/premium services and add-ons.

The intended start date for this framework agreement is, at the latest, 26 April 2021 and is expected to last for
one year.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

Deadline for submissions: 16 April 2021 at 16:00 Central European Time