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Request for proposals: Selection for pool of video suppliers for Urban Mobility Explained

EIT KIC Urban Mobility S.L., (hereinafter referred to as “EIT Urban Mobility”), is initiating this procurement procedure to appoint several qualified individuals or companies (hereinafter referred to as “Supplier”) capable of supporting the video production for the Urban Mobility Explained (UMX) YouTube channel.

Video suppliers may assist in a wide array of tasks, such as script writing, shooting, editing, handling full video production, etc. All services will be under request. Proposals that only cover some of the activities will also be considered, as some UMX video production projects are partially internalised.

The Urban Mobility Explained YouTube channel hosts a series of short and easy-to-follow videos (1 to 10 minutes) that showcase cutting-edge practices in urban mobility throughout Europe and beyond. It has been designed to highlight thought-provoking perspectives and key competencies needed for the successful delivery of urban mobility solutions and to close the urban mobility knowledge gap. Since September 2022, every 1-2 weeks, a new video is published on the YouTube channel on a different mobility topic.

In 2024, we plan to produce a total of around 40 new videos on Sustainable Urban Mobility in more than 30 cities across Europe and beyond. In consequence, we must externalise part of our video production projects to make sure all the videos are delivered before 31 December 2024. We wish to appoint Suppliers capable of producing between 1 and 6 videos each.

What kind of videos do we wish to create?

Our videos are free, short learning pills, very easy to watch and digest. Each video focuses on one topic and aims to answer one question. For example, why are cities investing in cable cars for urban transport? Is robot delivery a real revolution in urban food delivery? How to make Porto Flavia accessible without a car?

Each UMX video should range from 1 to 10 minutes unless there is a compelling reason for an exception. In addition, we intend to produce a YouTube Short (vertical) as a teaser for the longer video. This video will be less than 60 seconds and will include one or several highlights to entice viewers to watch the full video. The systematic production of YouTube Shorts for each UMX long video is a new initiative in 2024. You can find an example here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/0P3JDl9sIW8

Depending on the video format, the narrative in our videos can be led by 1-3 interviewees (recognised mobility experts from all over Europe), by a presenter on-screen, by a voice-over, etc.

UMX videos should portray the diversity of the European continent and European cities: diversity of projects, ideas, nationalities, languages, professions, skills, etc. and promote a more diverse society and workforce (gender, age, race, accessibility, etc). UMX do not wish to produce corporate or institutional videos. The style of videos that we are looking for is heading towards “documentary”. Therefore, we do not want to use stock footage, typical “corporate music” or behind-the-desk interviews. We wish our videos to be more human, immersive, aesthetic, and creative. This is our main challenge on UMX, and we are counting on all our video providers to assist us in achieving a more innovative and imaginative approach!

Finally, it is important to add that UMX videos are not promotional videos. The educational dimension must always remain at the centre of each one of them. For instance, when highlighting a good practice of sustainable urban mobility in a city, we will provide some local context, describing the urban mobility challenge addressed by this initiative.

Check the Request for Proposals here.

To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

Deadline for submissions: 11 July 2024 at 16:00h (CET)