Request for Proposals: Revamp of the EIT Urban Mobility website

EIT Urban Mobility is seeking professional support to accomplish the full revamp of the EIT Urban Mobility website: Our website is the open window to a wide variety of stakeholders and partners and spreads the word of our work and the services provided to the EIT Urban Mobility community.

Being launched in 2019, the website has performed well at showcasing the products and offers the company provides. However, EIT Urban Mobility has evolved considerably since then, and it now needs to mirror the evolution of the company, thus increasing the marketing strategies to sell our products, the SEO positioning, and the interactivity with our wide community of stakeholders. Three years later and with the huge evolution of the company, the current structure of the website struggles to represent faithfully the huge number of services we provide in a user friendly and user centric way, which is the main reason for this request for proposals. Currently, the website is hosted externally but within this revamp project, we aim at hosting it in our servers.

The complete revamp of the website of EIT Urban Mobility, therefore, aims at representing:

  • The complexity of our organisation in an easy way to ensure that our visitors have a clear understanding of our company, its vision and mission.
  • The wide offer of initiatives in which they can partner up with us in an easy and straight forward way.
  • The offer of products and services that we have made available for the wide public and/or specific target groups.

The expertise of the bidders should therefore cover:

  1. International and extensive experience at revamping websites of companies focused on the technology and innovation sector.
  2. Solid knowledge on internal functioning of companies which business model is based on Private and Public Partnership and ability to replicate that complexity on the website in an easier and UX way.
  3. Wide offer of interactivity tools that allow quick, engaging, and easy interactions with our community.
  4. Solid CMS system that is compatible with the latest servers for website development in the market to ensure compatibility with external friend websites that need to be embedded on our website.
  5. Automation of system linked to our website: namely, CRM, Mailchimp, chatbot, etc.
  6. Knowledge of the urban mobility ecosystem and its underlying technologies is a plus.

The general objective of this Request for Proposals is to scout, recruit and implement the website revamp in the timeframe of one year maximum. The project will be considered completed once the website is fully revamped, the content migration has been successfully finished and the website can be publicly released and the staff who will manage content in it has been successfully trained in its use.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals

Deadline for submissions: 18 March 2022 at 16:00 Central European Time.