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Request for proposals: Regional Dissemination Hub (RDH) Italy

The Supplier will support Innovation Hub Central to strengthen EIT Urban Mobility activities and impact in Italy. In line with this, the main objectives will be to increase the visibility and awareness of EIT Urban Mobility in Italy, to enlarge the partnership with relevant institutions and stakeholders and to support the acquisition of additional national and regional funding to ensure long-term financial sustainability. To this end, facilitating the connection with local and national governments and to raise EU and national funds is a key activity.


According to the previous description, the main activities of the Supplier will be to:

  • Implement the Italian strategy of Innovation Hub Central.
  • Create leads with Italian cities, public institutions, industry partners, SMEs, start-ups, universities, and research institutions with the aim to turn them into EIT Urban Mobility partners and increase the membership fees.
  • Deepen business relations with Italian partners.
  • Build EIT UM reputation in Italy through tailored engagement in regional and national events, liaising with local, regional, and national stakeholders and promoting success stories with Italian media.
  • Contribute to the acquisition of no-EIT funding

        Check the Request for Proposals here.

        To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

        Deadline for submissions: 10 June 2024 at 16:00h (CET)