Request for proposals: PIO Specifications

EIT Urban Mobility and the other Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) are delivering its innovative solutions together with different entities (e.g., SMEs, universities, research institutions, public entities, local/regional/national authorities, etc.), who receive financial support through subgrants to implement the awarded activities. All KICs will need to ensure that the entities receiving their subgrants are validated (legally, financially) and comply with the minimum requirements set also for beneficiaries of Horizon Europe grants.

According to the new grant management framework, KICs are responsible for the validation of all entities receiving an EIT subgrant. This major change encouraged all KICs to cooperate in a Cross-KIC initiative supervised by the EIT and with the EIT Urban Mobility KIC as coordinator, to provide a unique “partner onboarding service” in charge of the check of all entities receiving an EIT subgrant.  The check of the entities receiving financial support from all the KICs signatories of the Onboarding Service Agreement, PIO tool Agreement and Tool Data Processing Agreement (EIT Manufacturing; EIT Raw Materials, EIT Food, EIT Culture and Creativity, EIT Health, Climate KIC, EIT Urban Mobility) will ensure that entities can carry out the tasks part of the subgrant agreement, according to the provisions requested by EIT and by the EC.

According to this, the “Onboarding Service” should be able to perform a full validation check to all entities receiving an EIT subgrant and ensure the maintenance of an existing IT database, for the storage of the entities supporting document and for the access and exchange of the information among KICs and the Onboarding Service, as detailed in the following section.  In line with its main responsibilities, the Onboarding process will collect and verify the truthfulness and consistency of requested documents and will perform financial capacity assessments, if requested by the KICs.

Taking into consideration the diversity of entities and processes in each of our KICs ecosystems (such as private and public entities, SMEs, universities, public authorities, among others), it was necessary to present in detail all the steps and verifications that will be performed by the Onboarding Service. 

Overall, the system presented will be based on the ongoing contribution of the KICs, the work of the Onboarding Team (OT) and the IT system, the supervision of EITUM and the monitoring of EIT and external users, such as auditors.

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To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

Deadline for submissions: 2 April 2024 at 16:00h (CET)