Request for Proposals: Mobility Innovation Marketplace – IT & Marketing services

EIT Urban Mobility is seeking to contract support to work closely with the Business Development Officers working at the Market Development (also “MarkDev”) department. MarkDev’s mission is to scale mobility solutions of the organisation’s portfolio (this includes projects and companies supported or financed within EIT Urban Mobility), and to offer commercial market development services.

From a broader, sector-wide perspective, MarkDev focuses on facilitating the implementation and upscaling of urban mobility innovations in cities that realise the EIT Urban Mobility vision: Creating sustainable mobility in liveable urban spaces for the benefit of citizens.

MarkDev services fulfil the following tasks:

  • Finding commercial mobility solutions and opportunities for development, deployment or investment
  • Connecting solution providers with solution seekers
  • Finding new sources of funding
  • Facilitating deployment of new solutions in real life contexts (including pilots and longer-term implementations)
  • Enabling market scaling of solutions that have demonstrated positive impact (i.e., best practices)
  • Positioning its portfolio solutions as market benchmarks

The digital platform to deliver these tasks is the Mobility Innovation Marketplace (“Marketplace”). The Marketplace is a multi-sided online platform showcasing innovative urban mobility solutions that have a high potential for environmental, social, and economic impact. The objective is supporting mobility innovators in raising traffic for their solutions, generating commercial leads to scale and deploy their products or services in new cities and offering extended services to all platform users find the right solutions and/or opportunities to scale.

We are looking for a digital business service provider (IT development, maintenance, and digital marketing) who can support us reaching the next milestones during 2023:

  • Raising the number of new user registrations and revisiting users
  • Raising the number of newsletter subscriptions
  • Raising the number of content items (products, best practices, insights, opportunities)
  • Raising average engagement time of users
  • Raising the number and quality of contacts connecting with solution providers, opportunity providers, EIT Urban Mobility services over the platform

The support shall be focused on the further development, maintenance and digital marketing of the existing platform. A relaunch of the platform is not foreseen.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

Deadline for submissions: 5 December 2022 at 16:00 Central European Time.