Request for Proposals: Media relations support

EIT Urban Mobility is launching an active media strategy, which includes the identification of relevant journalists across the EU, dissemination of information, proactive negotiation of interviews and articles as well as building relations through the organisation of press trips, and aligned with the local activities of the five Innovation Hubs. In 2022, around 2500 clippings were achieved, with several interviews and by-lines published across top tier-1 and sectorial media.

The overall media communication objectives of EIT Urban Mobility are:

  • Raising awareness of the need for more sustainable, inclusive, and innovative urban mobility in Europe.
  • Brand reputation: Placing EIT Urban Mobility as THE reference on urban mobility.
  • Leads: Strengthening relationships and bringing EIT Urban Mobility and its projects visibility to new stakeholders.

The specific objective of this service request is aimed at supporting media relations campaigns for the headquarters of EIT Urban Mobility. For information, EIT Urban Mobility has five regional offices (so-called Innovation Hubs) spread in Europe, and they will be doing their own media relations in line with their own objectives. This request is only aimed at supporting specific media campaigns of EIT Urban Mobility’s headquarters.

The main purpose of this request is the coordination and delivery of pan-European and regional press releases and media relations (on indicated markets plus in general EU media), with the objective to develop a strong network of key journalists supporting EIT Urban mobility. More specifically this includes:

  • Follow-up of five press releases – key countries for 2023 are: Czech Republic, Denmark, “EU Bubble”, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain
  • One press breakfast or high visibility press activity with EU media for EIT Urban Mobility CEO. The trip to Brussels for the CEO is covered separately by EIT Urban Mobility.
  • Two press trips: (i) two journalists in Germany (Cologne for the PolisMobility event) from a neighbouring countries like Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, or other cities in Germany and (ii) six journalists to Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress in Spain (Barcelona). The tentative origin countries of the journalists are Germany, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, EU Bubble.
  • One opinion piece by the CEO of EIT Urban Mobility, to be published in November 2023 with the Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress event, across three countries in the EU in top tier-1 or sectorial media. The opinion piece will be drafted and translated by EIT Urban Mobility. Recommendations and advice from the provider will be welcomed.

To be noted that these actions are planned in accordance with the current yearly activity plan of EIT Urban Mobility and some activities are subject to change. Yet, the Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress event in Barcelona, as EIT Urban Mobility’s flagship event of the year, will concentrate most of the efforts planned in this request for services.

At no point, the provider will have to deal with the logistical part of the event.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

EXTENDED deadline for submissions: 20 March 2023 at 16:00 Central European Time.