Request for proposals: Media partnership for a Multimedia Resources Centre

By the present procurement procedure, the EIT KIC Urban Mobility S.L. hereby being referred to as “EIT UM” or the “Company” is aiming to identify a provider (hereinafter, referred to as “the Contractor” or “Tenderer”) to deliver a series of video-interviews and photos, as part of a larger campaign and to build EIT UM’s media repository.

EIT Urban Mobility intends to continue to feed its repository for the media and press throughout Europe on images (videos and photos), journalists could use to cover its activity. In order to build a positive image of EIT Urban Mobility activities at large, the narrative of the campaign intends to be focused on the future of the urban mobility sector and its evolution to become more sustainable. The campaign will also raise awareness of EIT Urban Mobility’s activities and on Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress (TMWC), its flagship event.

In the framework of this campaign, the overall goal of this request is to contribute to the development of a EIT Urban Mobility’s multimedia resource centre for the media and press for both TMWC and for a longer purpose in raising awareness on its activity. In order to ensure the content produced is responding to the target audience needs, EIT Urban Mobility would like to partner with a tier-1 news agency that can cover both the EU, and EU candidate countries  to produce infographics and videos for its studies, and a series of interviews and photos with key personalities, initiatives and/or projects linked to EIT Urban Mobility’s activities its regional hubs and the Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress.

Check the Request for Proposals here.

To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

Deadline for submissions: 10 April 2024 at 16:00h (CET)