Request for Proposals: Market analysis and sales development framework for EIT Urban Mobility’s professional training course on integrated and sustainable cycling infrastructure

By the present procurement procedure EIT Urban Mobility is aiming to identify a supplier capable of delivering a market analysis which will set the basis for the Europe-wide upscaling and development of the EIT Urban Mobility’s professional training course on ‘integrated and sustainable cycling infrastructure’.

The pilot edition of the EIT Urban Mobility’s professional training course on ‘integrated and sustainable cycling infrastructure’ was delivered in Malta during the first months of 2022. The pilot edition confirmed the need for a training course which aims at providing transport professionals and urban planners with the fundamental knowledge and tools to start designing their cycling city, paying a special attention to cycling infrastructure and road safety in shared spaces. With more editions of this course being currently developed in different forms and delivered in different ways for similar audiences in Slovakia and the Netherlands, EIT Urban Mobility wishes to analyse the viability of adapting and delivering this course in more countries and cities around the continent.

The training course is highly customisable, designed specifically for the limitations and the structure of the selected cities, local context and addresses the gaps in the cyclist culture. It fosters understanding of the rationale behind the concept of the cycling city and allows participants to learn about the fundamental technical aspects of cycling infrastructure. During hands-on workshops, field visits, and discussions with trainers, the learners apply acquired knowledge by tackling a redesign of a real street of their choice. In some cases, individual/group assignments on how to make a specific street/neighbourhood more bicycle-friendly by adapting its infrastructure is undertaken by participants and presented as a real proposal within their organisation.

The course is designed for adult learners, professionals with none, some, or good experiences in the field of urban planning. Learners are to be found among decision makers, public administrators, or other members of society involved in the topic sustainable mobility, planning, logistics, transportation, grant management and similar.

EIT Urban Mobility is accepting proposals for the market analysis enabling the upscaling and replication of the customisable EIT Urban Mobility’s professional training course on ‘integrated and sustainable cycling infrastructure’, in two non-EIT RIS and two EIT RIS countries which are to be chosen during the market analysis. Based on the success of the past and current editions, the selected supplier will begin to develop this market analysis by mapping the characteristics and the unique selling propositions of the training course. Moreover, the supplier must undertake a comprehensive analysis of the potential commercialisation opportunities within targeted regions, as well as analysis of the major constraints, needs and drivers (political, regulatory, trends, etc). Finally, a comprehensive implementation framework for go-to market plans, including clear and practical recommendations on specific B2B leads, and B2C targets, should also be identified and detailed, as explained in the following section.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

Deadline for submissions: 2 August 2022 at 16:00 Central European Time.