Request for Proposals: Digital marketing and media strategy support for the Competence Hub

By the present procurement procedure, EIT Urban Mobility is aiming to identify one digital marketing agency capable of:

  • Supporting the development of a new Academy WebTV platform in 2022 – Work Package 1.
  • Assisting the Competence Hub on paid social media promotion of the WebTV in 2022 – Work Package 2.

With respect to Work Package 1: The Academy WebTV is a compilation of short videos (1 to 10 minutes) that provide short/introductory answers to the many questions urban mobility professionals ask themselves when facing new professional challenges or responsibilities.

Today, the WebTV videos are hosted in a playlist on the EIT Urban Mobility YouTube channel. In order to make the funnel model presented above and our learning experiences a commercial success, the Competence Hub wished for the WebTV (as the first level of the funnel model) to attract a very high number of viewers and to build a community of urban mobility professionals/enthusiasts. At the end of 2021, thanks to all the actions run between June and December 2021 with the assistance of the digital marketing agency Passion Digital, the EIT Urban Mobility Competence Hub managed to amplify the WebTV videos. It gathered more than 830,000 video views (with 4 videos above 100K and 6 videos between 10K and 100K), at least 7,600 clicks on the link in the YouTube description to the course page (

But the WebTV is facing a series of limitations to reach a large community. Having the WebTV hidden in a playlist in the EIT Urban Mobility does not allow us to guide the viewer easily through our content, to reshare/organise relevant content for urban mobility professionals available on the platform (impossible cross-fertilisation between our channel and other YouTube channels), to encourage interactions between the viewers/potential learners, to have a coherent video content following the same purpose (increase the viewership and build a community), to improve the UX/UI experience and build more engaging and intuitive learning environment where all the videos are organised by thematic or format. 

Therefore, the supplier will support the Competence Hub achieve the following goals. It is important that the selected provider also fully understands the Competence Hub’s branding and operational constraints, as it must comply, always, with EIT Urban Mobility’s visual, functional, operational and communicational standards.

  • Create a new YouTube channel to host the WebTV videos.
  • Optimise the Academy WebTV for search engine (SEO) and User Experience (UX) to get more organic traffic and increase the visibility of the Competence Hub’s videos and courses.
  • Plan a digital marketing campaign (organic social media strategy and paid media) which complies with the Competence Hub’s visual, functional, and communicational standards.
  • Measure the performance of the digital marketing campaign, and track viewers’ interests, profiles, consumption patterns, etc.
  • Improve interactivity with/between the viewers of the YouTube channel to create a community of urban mobility professionals or enthusiasts, while gathering feedbacks to better understand their learning needs.
  • Attract a significant WebTV viewer audience with the 54 videos to be produced in 2022 (6+ videos of 100K+ views and 15+ videos of 10K+ views).
  • Reach 500 subscribers by the end of December 2022 and have at least 8,000 clicks from our videos to our courses.
  • Have 2,300 participants complete our SOCs and MOOCs, considering that 5-10% registered learners generally complete asynchronous online courses.

With respect to Work Package 2: The supplier will support the Competence Hub on the paid social media promotion itself.

  • Identify the Competence Hub’s needs in terms of media spend to get conclusive results and achieve Competence Hub’s goals in 2022.
  • Engage with the relevant media networks so to undertake the digital marketing campaigns.
  • Handle the media spend for the Competence Hub until 17 December 2022.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals

Deadline for submissions: 11 May 2022 at 16:00 Central European Time.