Request for proposals: Digital community platform consultancy support

By the present procurement procedure, the EIT KIC Urban Mobility S.L. (hereinafter, referred to as “EIT UM” or the “Company”) is aiming to identify a provider (hereinafter, referred to as “the Contractor” or “Tenderer”) to deliver an analysis on the different needs, a comprehensive recommendation on the most appropriate digital platform(s) to engage with our community and guidance to prepare the implementation of the platform.

Since its creation in January 2019 EIT Urban Mobility has been working to encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities in order to make them more liveable places. EIT Urban Mobility is the largest European innovation community for sustainable urban mobility.

Our mission is to accelerate change towards a sustainable model of urban mobility and liveable urban spaces. We connect public and private actors and provide them with access to markets, talent, finance, and knowledge in four ways:   

Using cities as living labs, our industry, research and university partners will demonstrate how new technologies can work to solve real problems in real cities by transporting people, goods and waste in smarter ways.  

We bring together the key players across the whole value chain of mobility. Our community is our main asset (see above introduced our “Match and connect” focus area) and includes the following categories: cities, national governments, EU institutions, large enterprises, SMEs and start-ups, NGOs, research institutes, universities, and students.

To meet the different interests and needs of our partners, EIT Urban Mobility launched a new partnership model in January 2022 offering a wide range of services according to different partnership categories (Silver, Gold, Leading City).

Our community currently exists of over 300 organisations: 160 paying partners (following the categories mentioned above: Gold, Leading City, Silver) and approximately another 140 entities with whom we actively collaborate. Our goal is to grow the community to 500 organisations in 2025.

Engaging with our community is crucial for us. This engagement is mainly driven by our Engagement & Stakeholder department through our five Innovation Hubs in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Prague, and Munich. These local offices are the main contact points to engage with the partners. They do so through local events and meetings, connecting and onboarding them to our programmes and our available opportunities for them.

Partners also have access to a dedicated digital platform (SharePoint CMS) called ‘Partners’ Site’, where they can access several types of information, such as legal and operational documents, news and events information. The platform was improved in April 2022 -switching from a mere folder repository into a communication platform (by creating webpages, news and an events section).

The initial objectives when first building this site with news and events updates were to streamline the information that shared with the partners through different channels (mails, newsletter, meetings, etc.) and to propose eventual upcoming services linked to the new partnership model.

Moreover, the latest news of the Partners’ site are currently regularly “pushed” to the partners through a monthly newsletter.

However, several major issues remain. Among them:

  • Analytics: lack of visibility of the adoption of the platform by the partners and very poor analytics
  • Access: not easy access for the current partners (through a Microsoft link & their organisation needs to be registered first) and access currently restricted to partners (Gold, Leading Cities, Silver), not possible to provide targeted access for other entities part of our community
  • Flexibility: lack of flexibility of the platform when implementing new features or targeted approach (needing internal IT resources)
  • Lack of collaborative features
  • Lack of clear internal EIT Urban Mobility governance (internal process).

We need to implement a new digital platform to address both the needs of EIT Urban Mobility and of our community. The platform should use an existing “plug & play” solution easy to update (intuitive). We need to identify the most appropriate platform according to the different needs and have general guidance to prepare its implementation.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

To apply, please send the completed tender’s submission and declaration form.

EXTENDED Deadline for Submissions: 23 June at 16:00 Central European Time