Request for proposals: Competence Hub Learning Management System

By the present procurement procedure, EIT Urban Mobility, hereinafter being referred to as “EIT UM”, is aiming to identify a supplier who is capable of providing a Learning Management System (hereinafter being referred to as LMS) platform with the main purpose to allow the Competence Hub to publish and manage its professional training portfolio of blended learning programmes, to explore this new offering of programmes/products, and to perform different pilot tests during the course of one year. Based on price, functionalities and learning experience, the online platform selected for the LMS is Totara Learn.

It is expected that the selected supplier:

  • Is an expert in e-learning solutions software;
  • Supports the initial configuration and parameterization of all the components of the LMS platform designed and built for Blended programmes/courses – Work Package 1;
  • Provides hosting and both preventive and corrective maintenance for this platform – Work Package 2.

Work Package 1:

The supplier shall work with EIT Urban Mobility in the understanding of the training/content needs, current scenario and the different profiles of platform users, in order to adapt and customise the LMS platform to meet EIT Urban Mobility needs, both in technical and strategical aspects. The platform should also be customised to reflect EIT Urban Mobility visual identity.

Apart from this initial set-up, the supplier shall provide the necessary formative sessions, so the team involved understands the work done and how to operate the system.

Upon delivery, EIT UM should be able to fully operate the platform, which includes creating new courses/programmes, adding content to these courses, managing users, accessing statistics and reports, and having the autonomy to change the initial configuration if needed.

The site should be self-serviced: EIT Urban Mobility will support the build of courses and student engagement. The site should also be accessible to external contributors on a restricted invite-only basis (tutor admin privileges only).

Work Package 2:

The supplier shall host the platform on their servers, guaranteeing service availability, system stability and security. Maintenance of the platform is also responsibility of the supplier, whom should carry out the necessary preventive and corrective actions to keep the platform operational. They should also provide the necessary version updates, having in mind EIT Urban Mobility’s best interest and the continuity of the service.

The selection of the suppliers will be based on their highest score by work packages.

Awarded bidders will have a fixed price per order, which does not guarantee a minimum order per bidder.

All orders will be conducted on demand by the assigned contact in EIT UM.

To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

Check out the Request for Proposals here

Deadline for submission: 13 July 2023 16:00 Central European Time