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Request for proposals: CFS Audit Services

By the present procurement procedure, the EIT Urban Mobility S.L., (hereby being referred to as “EIT UM”) is expecting to appoint several audit firms (hereby being referred to as “the contractors “or ”the suppliers”) (min. 2 to max. 4) to conclude multiple service agreements for the realisation of  the Certificate on the Financial Statements (CFS) Audits on expenditure incurred by a number of EIT beneficiaries and EIT KIC subgrantees across de EU and beyond. These entities differ in size, type of organisation and requested EIT funding.

An overview of the population of the EIT beneficiaries and EIT KIC subgrantees will be provided upon request by sending an e-mail to procurement@eiturbanmobility.eu. Please note, the list of beneficiaries and subgrantees that require CFS audits provided at the time of this Request for Proposals (RfP) procedure is indicative and serves to help the potential suppliers to submit a qualitative offer. The final population of beneficiaries and subgrantees falling under CFS obligations for a reporting period and subject to the specific contracts to be signed may change.

In the case of EIT beneficiaries /affiliated entities, the CFS is required by Article 24.2 of the Grant Agreement (GA) signed between the EIT and the respective KIC. The CFS procedures follow the Horizon Europe rules.

The coordination of the CFS audits will be managed by EIT UM from Barcelona (Spain) that will be the client. The EIT as the Granting Authority might be involved during project execution.

The collaboration resulting from this tender will be for 1 year and will cover the CFS audits of EIT beneficiaries and EIT KIC subgrantees under the Start-up Grant Agreement (SUGA) 2022-2023 and the EIT-KIC grant agreements 2023-2024/25. In case of mutual satisfaction, the EIT UM could extend the agreement with an additional 1-year agreement under the exact same conditions and pricing. The extension will be announced with a written request to the tenderers and signing an extension of the service agreements. We aim to sign specific service agreements. The EIT UM decides the allocation of work between the different contractors based on the following criteria:

  1. The 1st best tenderer will get most of the CFS audits with a limit of 60% of the total CFS audits to be performed.
  2. The rest of the CFS audits (40%) will be allocated to the second best tenderer or between the 2nd best and the third and fourth best tenderers (if applicable).

Online clarification session for potential tenderers 27 October 2023, 14:00hs (CET)


ID of the meeting: 347 652 747 096

Access code: 9hdtWW

You will find the Request for proposals here.

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Items revised:

2.3.2. Travel cost

2.3.3. Payment Terms

4.1 Exclusion criteria

2.4 Methodology of work (Phase 3 – reporting)

All other conditions remain the same.

Deadline for submissions: 15 November 2023, 16:00hs (CET)