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Eight partners develop solutions to tackle inequalities in Europe’s Green and Digital Future

EIT Urban Mobility working on research project to ensure equitable access to the benefits of twin transitions

Europe’s pursuit of a green and digital transformation raises concerns about exacerbating or creating new inequalities. While the twin transition envisions a fair and just society, challenging geopolitical developments threaten an equal future for all. READJUST, the newly launched EU-funded research project, addresses these issues and proposes concrete solutions. A four-step approach aims to successfully mitigate negative consequences of the twin transition.

In 2022, more than one in five people in the European Union were at risk of poverty or social inclusion. Specifically, already disadvantaged groups are more likely to be left behind in a transformative process that aspires to be inclusive and resilient. READJUST, a 42-month long research project, aims to ensure equitable access to the benefits of the green and digital transformation, developing necessary tools and insights for policymakers to mitigate negative impacts. A particular focus is placed on the sectors of mobility and agri-food due to their high environmental impact, relevance to everyday life, and the potential to foster equitable change.

To achieve these goals, READJUST partners are supported by the European Research Executive Agency (REA) with a budget of EUR 2.9 million over three and a half years.  The project gathers a strong consortium of eight multidisciplinary partners from Belgium (Solidar, EIT Food), Finland (VTT), Germany (EURICE, Fraunhofer ISI), the Netherlands (YAGHMA B.V, University of Amsterdam), and Spain (EIT Urban Mobility).

READJUST employs a comprehensive four-step approach to achieve this: 1) identifies and monitors existing policies and inequalities, 2) assesses transition processes, 3) co-creates new measures and tools, and 4) evaluates policy recommendations and proposes evidence-based revisions for social inclusion and equality. The project’s main findings will support an Observatory designed for policymakers, featuring a policy tracker tool, a collection of best practices, a clear policy roadmap, and a co-creation framework with a self-assessment tool for evaluating potential equality impacts before policy implementation.

EIT Urban Mobility contributions to READJUST include working on the identification of inequalities in the mobility sector, the development of an equality self-assessment tool and leading the co-creation of policy measures for equal twin transition.

Read the full press release here: READJUST – Just transition to a green and digital future for all | READJUST

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