Pompeu Fabra University



Founded in 1990, UPF is a public university based in Barcelona that is highly competitive in research and aims to transform education to respond to future challenges.

In a context of major global challenges, UPF has undertaken an imperative commitment as a university institution: to help find solutions for the main challenges facing humanity and the planet.

Sustainable City Logistics Accelerator

The Sustainable City Logistics Accelerator is aimed at promoting sustainable urban mobility and reducing congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions in cities. It focuses on innovative solutions for optimising the movement of goods and services in urban areas.

The programme aims to bring together start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations to collaborate on developing new solutions for urban logistics. It also provides access to mentorship, training and networking opportunities to help these companies grow and scale their solutions.

The main areas of focus for the Sustainable City Logistics Accelerator include:

  • last-mile delivery: optimising the final stage of delivery to minimise the environmental impact and improve efficiency;
  • urban warehousing: exploring new solutions for urban warehousing and storage to reduce the need for long-distance transportation and improve supply chain efficiency;
  • smart transport systems: developing intelligent transport systems to optimise the movement of goods and services and reduce congestion in cities;
  • clean vehicles: promoting the use of clean and sustainable vehicles for urban deliveries, such as electric vehicles, cargo bikes, and drones.

The programme also seeks to involve cities and local authorities in the development of new solutions for sustainable urban logistics. By working closely with these stakeholders, the programme aims to ensure that new solutions are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of different cities.

E+ Mobility Accelerator

E+ Mobility is an acceleration programme for top notch start-ups addressing the challenges the mobility industry is facing in the fields of energy and mobility, micromobility and shared mobility. It aims to support industry with the current technological revolution in the mobility industry. It does this in the following four ways:

  • addressing the challenges European cities are experiencing in the fast-changing fields of transportation and mobility;
  • addressing the challenges of companies looking to innovate and create new business models that adapt efficiently to evolving new markets;
  • accelerating the introduction of mobility innovations to the market in the specific fields of energy and micromobility and shared mobility;
  • having a positive impact on society and the environment.