The vadeBike service is the safest bicycle parking and private scooters with the most points in the city of Barcelona.

Vadecity is a network of urban transport stations that enables electric charging, secure parking for bicycles and scooters and capture monetisable urban mobility data in real time. Providing a solution for companies, municipalities and citizens


PhySens is a full-service provider for innovative sensor solutions with applications in train odometry, track monitoring, current sensing and charge monitoring. Customers include multiple publicly traded companies e.g. from the rail sector.

me energy GmbH

Electric vehicle fast charging as a service with stations producing their own electricity. Completely grid-independent, CO2-neutral and mobile operated by liquid bioethanol. A 150 kW charging station to rent and lease in a carefree package simply anywhere.

Urban Climate Adaptation in the Nordics

With climate change accelerating, climate adaptation is becoming an increasingly important topic for the world’s cities, which continue to grow and contribute immensely to global emissions. While transport-related public space in cities is too often neither sustainable nor effective, Nordic cities have pioneered world-leading solutions for reallocating public space which – apart from helping reduce transport emissions, improve air quality and create more inclusive spaces – have also brought clear benefits in terms of climate adaptation.

The Urban Climate Adaptation in the Nordics (UCAN) project, co-funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and run by EIT Urban Mobility – an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU – will showcase examples of transport-related public space reallocation projects in Nordic cities that have also contributed to climate adaptation.

The project will bring practitioners and policymakers from the region together in sharing their insights and best practices, as well as include Nordic youth voices via a creative competition in which young people can express their visions for transformed streets. The Nordic city solutions and youth visions will then be published as an inspirational catalogue that will provide practitioners and policymakers with information on the environmental, economic and social impacts of such projects, and bring Nordic solutions to the rest of Europe.

Eljun AB

Eljun is developing a digital and unified platform where, through collaboration with multiple stakeholders within eMobility, we optimize the digital infrastructure for electronic vehicles.

Don Cicleto

Don Cicleto designs, develops and manages customizable, smart, modular and scalable bike and scooter parking for cities.


We are developing a multiplatform app that will suggest the safest routes for micromobility users through AI; invite the user to spot dangerous hotspots; then integrate the first assisted-driving software by processing computer vision via Cloud & 5G.


Whee! is a B2C cargo bike subscription service, offering car alternative utility e-bikes to families and urban households (care takers, often women), and
providing them with a premium utility bike for personal use 24/7, set up to fit their family and with insurance and all maintenance included.

VOoVOo (Total Traffic Management)

TTM – Total Traffic Management is focused on improving the Fleet Management services using Active Safety technologies. Our flagman product is Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), which regulates the vehicle’s speed in real-time according to the road speed limits, based on Digital Maps and GPS technologies.


Trailze is helping micromobility companies like rental operators, vehicle manufacturers, and delivery companies to increase revenue and promote safety. Our solution is a navigation SDK that companies can add to their apps in 1 day, helping them win new customers, cities, and markets.

TicketO Mobility

It is a Mobility Wallet for private and corporate users. With this application, you can use “Public transportation, Car sharing, E-Scooter, Bike sharing and Taxi services from a single application.


SHQUARED is a B2B space sharing marketplace. Business owners can offer their vacant space to entrepreneurs looking for affordable business space. Our marketplace enables users to find high quality offers and make fast, easy, and secure transaction.