Avocargo – AVO Mobility GmBH

Avocargo offers flexible and city-friendly access to a fleet of versatile electric cargobikes. As every second ride substitutes a car trip, Avocargo will play an immense impact for sustainable cities.


Chainge reduce inner city CO2, NOx, PM and noise pollution and traffic congestion by replacing delivery vans with cargo bike driven sustainable last mile logistics (LML).

Bout Oy Ab

Bout is a digital platform for water transportation, increasing the accessibility of maritime locations for consumers.
Bout is bringing a centralized platform to connect passengers with the demand, enabling service providers to sell their capacity to their fullest extent and passengers to access the fragmented market through one service.

MIOO Cycling AB

Convenient safety and service for everyday cyclists. We fill the gap of service and support between users and manufacturers when sales move to e-commerce.

Eccocar Sharing S.L.

Eccocar digitises rent-a-car and new on-demand mobility providers, such as ride-hailing and ride-sharing operators, and generates white-label APPs for them to launch their service with +140 functionalities such us: Digital Contract and Biometrical On-boarding, Vehicle Inspection, Damage Management, Virtual Key Solution, Marketing Functionalities and much more.

Tandem Women-in-Cycling

The programme aims to address the cycling gender gap that is prevalent in many cities by providing aspiring cycling advocates with the information, tools and support to provide training to beginner and amateur women cyclists. Over time, the community of women cyclists can become an important advocacy group for the continued development of safe and convenient cycling infrastructure across the EU.

Participants complete a four-week online course followed by an in-person site visit in Brussels to visit local community cycling initiatives and participate in hands-on workshops to teach and support beginner and amateur bicyclists. The online courses include lectures to explore successful community bicycling initiatives and practical sessions on how to organise an initiative, such as defining a target audience, conducting outreach, communicating effectively, and evaluating impact. 

At the end of the programme, the participants will implement several cycling training sessions for beginner and amateur women cyclists in their own community. 

The course curriculum will be developed, evaluated and refined through this project. The curriculum and resources will be made available for others who wish to initiate a similar project in their community.


While electric battery vehicles are becoming a popular alternative to motorised vehicles, they still face some challenges in terms of range, cost, and limited charging infrastructure in some cities. Hydrogen fuel cell batteries could help to tackle these challenges.

A consortia comprised of industry, local government and research partners will explore their use in urban light-duty electric vehicles. As such, the project aims to demonstrate its advantages by retrofitting a battery electric vehicle (BEV) and converting it into a hydrogen battery electric vehicle.

Weslax GmbH

Weslax is developing an environmental, half-automated hybrid heavy-lift-drone to save time by direct airline during logistic & emergency-case situation (firefighting or rescue) by 150km range and 150kg payload with the compliance of the ESG-criteria.

Sorair Technologies

We are bringing the future of delivery vehicles to final mile delivery businesses by providing autonomous delivery drones as a new, more efficient, carbon neutral replacement for current road vehicles.

Reflet du Monde

The company supports its customers in the use of UAVs in terms of training, services, sales and research and development. Reflet du Monde also works in the field of agriculture with its 25 kg drone used for various services.


The core competence of OmniOpti is Logistics / Mobility, specifically the advanced algorithm for alternative routes, for the route optimization process. Our system provides more alternative routes to choose from and saves 5-15% of the money.


H2 DRON ENERGY is a clean energy technology and product manufacturing company. We design, manufacture and integrate solutions for the electric power generation using hydrogen fuel cell, at present we are focussed in UAVs.