NanoCare has developed Liquid Guard®, a nanotechnology able to eliminate virus, microbial, bacterial and fungus, without additional human intervention, reducing the costs for the service providers and increasing the safety of the users.

CommutINg with ShAred mobility covid-FrEe

CommINSAFE project develops and introduces to the market a technological solution consisting of a mobile application for shared mobility services addressed to ecosystems accompanied with a data management system of disinfection facilities and users’ profile.

Taxi Sharing Milano

CITY RESTARTS – REsilient Safe Transport for All: Reliable Taxi Sharing
Taxi sharing is a new service that improves matching demand and supply, augments the efficiency of taxi generating economic and environmental benefits.

InnovaCity 3.0

Main objectives:
• Find actionable solutions for city challenges in regards to urban mobility using user-centered methods.
• Provide tools to approach challenges to municipalities
• Form teams and motivate people to solve real-world problems
Participants will develop actionable solutions to urban mobility challenges with the winning teams receiving a chance to work with key stakeholders

Umi – Design Thinking Support

Participants will learn a novel Design Thinking Methodology and apply it to urban mobility challenges using a challenge-based approach


MAMCA helps cities replicate mobility best practices by taking into account the point of views of their local stakeholders

MOBY: Living lab e-micromobility

MOBY focuses on the impacts of e-micromobility on cities, traffic, safety and public spaces by integrating knowledge from the pilot cities

CLEAR: City LivEAbility by Redesign

Launch real-life transition experiments in urban streets by means of small, tangible interventions, in combination with alternative mobility concepts