Winter’s Cool: RIS Winter School 2023-2024

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 1 August 2023
  • 1 April 2024
  • Kimitisik B.V
  • €99,811

The Winter’s Cool project aims to empower bachelor students from RIS countries – countries and regions classified as emerging or moderate innovators according to the European Innovation Scoreboard – by cultivating their expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability, thus preparing them to navigate evolving technologies and business models. The project facilitates collaboration, breaks down barriers between RIS and non-RIS countries and fosters knowledge exchange, cooperation and innovation, all while empowering local initiatives. Additionally, project further advances societal objectives, including improved urban life quality, climate adaptation, job creation, and urban mobility sector growth.

By bridging gaps between RIS and non-RIS regions, the project will result in more robust applications from these regions to the EIT Urban Mobility Master School, forging innovative connections and promoting local initiatives.

The Winter’s Cool project unites innovation, education, and business to catalyse sustainable urban mobility solutions. Nurturing entrepreneurship and sharing best practices opens doors for potential startups, amplifying EIT Urban Mobility’s impact and contributing to a more mobile and sustainable future.


The project will empower RIS bachelor students in urban mobility with innovation and entrepreneurial skills while aligning with EIT's strategic societal impact goals.

Main Objective

Enhance RIS student applications to EIT Urban Mobility Master School through innovation and entrepreneurship training in sustainable urban mobility solutions for third year bachelor students.


Participants will gain skills that can support business development and acceleration, leading to the development of innovation ecosystems in RIS regions.



Project lead

Balázs Horváth
Mervi Raudsaar
University of Tartu