Urban Mobile Charging

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2023
  • 31 December 2023
  • Nimble Energy Ltd.
  • 1 160 929€

Available charging infrastructure is a major concern both for cities and for electric vehicle (EV) users. 33 million EV owners in Europe will need efficient charging by 2030. We aim to propose commercial enablers for new innovative EV charging solutions that will fit with the surrounding urban environment.

Urban Mobile Charging is creating “NIMBEE”, a fast, mobile, renewable, on-demand, electric vehicle charging service to ensure drivers have access to chargers whenever needed and that they do not occupy excessive city space and infrastructure. This will be done via a driver-friendly charging-as-a-service approach. The aim is to bring the battery-backed charger to where the car is parked. The project looks to solve any blockers in successful mass adoption and citizen-centric use of this service focusing on easy deployment in the cities and infrastructure planning while using advanced intelligence for charging efficiency.


The necessary mass adoption of electric vehicles is hampered by inadequate public charging options, which in turn is hindered by the costs and inconvenience of burdensome infrastructure.

Main Objective

• Further improve NIMBEE charging-as-a-service • Further HW (HardWare) and SW (SoftWare) generation • Development of collision avoidance and the assisted autonomy features platform • Drive on commercialisation


New generation; Smart software; Demonstrations in Riga and in Braunschweig



Project lead

Lucie Svejdova
Nimble energy