Training Urban Logistics Professionals in Extended Reality Technologies

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 17 February 2023
  • 16 February 2025
  • Espaces-Mobilités
  • €129,625

The project aims at tackling the challenge area of sustainable city logistics by leveraging the potential of extended reality (XR). The interactive tool will be utilised to train practitioners to more effectively include stakeholders in the design of new logistics solutions. Participants will receive an overview of the various tools available to them as well as a portfolio of solutions. This will equip them to approach stakeholders, illustrate how urban logistics is currently organised in cities, and propose how to move towards a more global approach. Lastly, participants will be trained on how to better design and share public space for the development of more sustainable goods transportation. By utilising this technology, participants can create digital twins, which are virtual copies of real spaces, to test different configurations of the built form. The participants will offer constant feedback to the training developers in the form of focus groups, questionnaires and role playing; providing active participation in the learning process.


Immersive learning is radically transforming the training sector. This project aims to demonstrate that extended reality training can increase knowledge retention.

Main Objective

The project aims to accelerate the adoption of solutions for sustainable city logistics by enabling transport professionals to utilise extended reality (XR) tools.


By working towards more sustainable city logistics, transportation emissions will be reduced particularly due to the high share generated by logistics activities.



Project lead

EM & Partners