Training for Innovators to meet Citizen Expectations and city Regulations at the same time

Project Description

  • RIS Education
  • 1 January 2023
  • 31 December 2024
  • Sc Energy Llc 346

By combining our best experience into one course, TICER aims to educate start-ups and innovators on how to scale in cities. The objective is to develop an education service that provides innovators and start-ups with the right entrepreneurial skills and a clearer picture of the position of their innovation on the market by delivering a better understanding of the functioning, law-making and challenges faced by the participating city.

It also gives innovators the opportunity to further develop their product or service using a citizen-focused user experience to understand the motivations of citizens. This will lead to innovative solutions that are viable, scalable, and both meet the citizens’ needs and city regulations.

The training will consist of separate modules with the following themes:

  • entrepreneurial knowledge and skills;
  • user experience;
  • city regulations;
  • citizen behaviour.

The theoretical section will be primarily available online but will also be extended with face-to-face workshops to acquire practical knowledge. Representatives from the participating cities will contribute to the law-making session. After finishing the development and pilot, we plan to take TICER to other cities in the EU through the EIT Urban Mobility network.


Start-ups and innovators need to be equipped with the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to develop innovative solutions that meet citizens' needs and comply with city regulations.

Main Objective

The main communication objectives: • Promote awareness and positioning of EIT Urban Mobility and the TICER programme in Hungary and among RIS HUBs; • Create an avenue for the main stakeholders of the ecosystem to provide feedback; • Foster communication between local stakeholders of the extended knowledge triangle; • Maintain regular correspondence with the EIT Urban Mobility RIS teams.


Social media and direct outreach promotion campaign delivered to RIS HUBs to scout for start-ups for TICER.



Project lead

Ákos Dervalics
SC Energia Kft
András Lőrincz, dr.
SC Energia Kft