Smart cycling infrastructure assessment

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 March 2024
  • 12 Months
  • Factual Consulting
  • €575,000

The SCREEN project is focused on making biking safer and more enjoyable for everyone. By using smart technology SCREEN analyses bike paths and roads, to pinpoint areas that need improvement. The project integrates various technological tools such as pre-processed images, artificial intelligence, and vision technology to gather great amounts of data to see issues and offer solutions.

The goals of the project are simple: make biking safer, improve how cities plan bike routes, and give riders the information that they need in order to bike safely and efficiently. The project is being piloted in numerous cities to ensure that their solutions work everywhere.

By implementing necessary changes to bicycle infrastructure to improve safety and user experience, more people will choose to cycle instead of drive private vehicles. This behavioural change is good for individual health while also having positive environmental impact. SCREEN aims to realise a future where biking is easier, safer, and more fun for everyone. Let’s ride towards a better tomorrow, together!


Current algorithms struggle with timely and cost-effective cycling infrastructure assessment. SCREEN uses pre-processed images, AI, and vision technology for effective and accurate evaluations, solving this challenge.

Main Objective

SCREEN aims to improve the evaluation of cycle paths with artificial intelligence to guide cities and users towards safer and more enjoyable cycling for all.


The SCREEN project will develop an artificial intelligence tool at a technology readiness level of 8, integrating ROAD, City Dive, and Lanepatrol solutions to evaluate road safety, connectivity, pollution and maintenance.



Project lead

Marc Figuls
Factual Consulting
María Angélica Pérez Avendaño
Factual Consulting