Mobilizing PhD

Mobilizing PhD: Providing Entrepreneurship and Business Training to PhD Candidates

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 31 January 2023
  • 30 June 2024
  • Humankind
  • €158,350

Independence, self motivation, and communication are three critical skills that are required for any start-up, and all three qualities are developed in a successful PhD programme. While the urban mobility industry is hungry for critical thinkers who push to revolutionise our mobility paradigm, there is a disconnect between academia and the market. This gap keeps key industry knowledge within the walls of higher education, and does not allow much-needed knowledge-based start-ups to flourish.
Mobilizing PhD aims to bridge this gap, offering a 7 month applied training and personal mentoring programme to connect academia with business and entrepreneurship. While academia naturally pushes PhD candidates into their own niches of research, this programme aims to expand these niches and test ideas in the competitive market.

Additionally, the programme is enhanced by a 3-day conference for participants to channel their entrepreneurial and research skills to bring their ideas to market.


Mobilizing PhD offers a parallel business and entrepreneurship track to candidates' existing academic journeys. Helping participants to apply their knowledge to hanging and emerging markets.

Main Objective

Mobilize PhD's objectives are to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of candidates by upskilling them to commercialize, practice, and market their knowledge in a competitive economy.


The programme covers leadership development to accounting, and marketing to social media, to cover the practical skills that make running a start-up a reality.



Project lead

Kim de Graaf
Benjamin Buettner
Technical University of Munich