Mobility Innovations & Climate Neutrality Course

Project Description

  • RIS Education
  • 1 January 2023
  • 1 April 2024
  • 89 626€

While cities in Europe strive to accelerate the shift towards cleaner transport, urban mobility sector operators, simultaneously, face many obstacles when deploying, testing, or scaling their products. Companies frequently lack a clear roadmap for deployment or required resources for product testing. In many European cities, the process from prototype to deployment and testing can take up to 18-22 months. This unnecessarily impedes innovation and decreases the competitive edge of businesses.

The project demonstrates how synchronised urban mobility product and service deployment and testing procedures in the public sector save resources for municipal and private sector stakeholders alike while accelerating innovation and product time to market rates in the urban mobility and smart city context, in general. All the project activities rely on a user-centric perspective obtained from start-ups and other leading private sector urban mobility operators.


Specialist skills for implementing urban mobility solutions are rare within European cities as are training opportunities to develop these skills in current and future workforce.

Main Objective

To improve the capacity and understanding of mobility innovations and product and service deployment from a user perspective.


A unique course on mobility innovation as an end product, showcasing practical deployment methodology for public and private urban mobility operators.



Project lead

Annija Tropa
Elīna Sadauska