Summer School and urban mobility training courses

Project Description

  • RIS Education
  • 1 January 2023
  • 29 December 2023
  • Lukasiewicz – Poznan Institute of Technology
  • 108 875€

This project aims to close the knowledge gap and to raise awareness about safe, green, and inclusive mobility solutions for people and goods through summer schools and other training courses for students, young specialists, and academics in the fields of city logistics and urban mobility. More specifically the objectives are:

  • to raise awareness of the EIT Urban Mobility education activities and services;
  • to attract a large number of students to education activities, with a focus on the Master School and raise interest and attract participants from Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) countries to the EIT Urban Mobility´s labelled programmes;
  • to provide education and training with a focus on innovation in cities and urban challenges to assist in the training of specialists capable of the after-war restoration of Ukrainian cities in accordance with the European Union policy and vision.

The general idea is to provide summer schools and training courses presenting innovative urban mobility solutions and EU implementations. Additionally, Polish and Ukrainian case studies will be developed to raise awareness of the conflict among urban mobility stakeholders and arouse interest in finding possible urban mobility solutions. To strengthen the practical approach of the Summer Schools, speakers from businesses and city authorities are invited to present real urban mobility projects  in lectures and workshops. This will enable the analysis of real urban mobility problems and proposed solutions.


The increasing challenges in the field of urban mobility demand bright, informed minds with the creativity, skills and understanding to design workable solutions.

Main Objective

To raise awareness of EIT Urban Mobility education activities and services by providing summer schools and training courses for students and young professionals.


Knowledge around urban mobility issues as well several course developed on the subject.



Project lead

Łukasz Brzeziński
Łukasiewicz – Poznan Institute of Technology